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Many are Earning Good Amount of Money from Talk Shows


Prime minister Sheikh Hasina said that many people are earning a good amount of money from talk shows, which, however, cannot be an alternative to the parliament. She said one has to follow some rules while speaking at the parliament but those who talk on the talk shows have unbridled tongues. Hasina made her remarks while speak - ing at the Iftar organized by a faction of Bangladesh Federal Journalists Union and Dhaka Journalists Union held at National Press Club on June 18.

“We have Repaid Our Debt to India Already�


Founder of Gonoshasthya Kendra, Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury, claimed that the debt Bangladesh owed to India for its independence has been repaid already but what is being paid now is the interest accumulated on that debt. Chowdhury said that although India is a prosperous country it has been collecting oppressive interests from Bangladesh in the manner the erstwhile West Pakistan exploited erstwhile East Pakistan. He made his comments at a protest rally in front of National Press Club on June 16.

The State is Taking Law into Its Own Hands


Sultana Kamal, chairperson of Transparency International Bangladesh, said the state does not care for anything and it has been taking law into its own hands. She said that when good governance is absent, human rights violations take place at every step of the way. Kamal was speaking at a press briefing on June 18 at the launch of an initiative titled “Civic Platform for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, Bangladesh.� She added it is not the objective of any modern, democratic state to maintain its existence by all means.

Bank Looters Not to Be Spared


Chairman of Anti-Corruption Commission, Iqbal Mahmud, said that none of those who looted billions from state-owned banks would be spared. He said more lawsuits would be field against Basic Bank, and those who took money from that bank using unfair means. Mahmud said these during an interview with a vernacular daily on June 15. He further said that 40 controversial cases are going to be re-investigated, which include Destiny, Basic Bank, Hall-Mark, Bismillah Group and Moon Group scams. He also emphasized that if anyone flees the country, they would be captured through the Interpol and brought back to the country.

Militants Hiding Inside Law Enforcement Agencies


Dr. Mizanur Rahman, chairman of National Human Rights Commission, observed that the crossfires during the campaign against the militants mean their agents or sympathizers are hiding inside the law enforcement agencies. He said that those people do not want that those boys captured should speak to give away all the information, because that would strip their mask and expose them. Rahman added that a criminal is the responsibility of the state when he is in its custody. He said he failed to understand why a young man, who tried to kill a teacher, should be killed during remand, especially when the police said he was giving them crucial information.

Sheikh Hasina is Prime Minister in Name Only


BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has called Sheikh Hasina a prime minister in name only because she carries out the orders of others. She said it at the Iftar organized by her alliance partner Jagpa on June 18. Begum Zia also said that it is hard to tell whether the individual sitting in power is indeed a prime minister of the country or a minister somewhere. She also said one cannot be called prime minister if one takes orders from others.

Betraying Father’s Blood


BNP has asked for trial of information minister Hasanul Haque Inu because he is the leader of a faction of Jasod that was responsible for creating chaos in the years following 1975. BNP’s senior joint secretary general, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, said during a press conference on June 15 that prime minister Sheikh Hasina has been giving indulgence to Inu which amounts to betraying the blood of her father. His comments came in the wake of a statement made about Jasod by Awami League general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam.

What Do Shootouts Indicate?


Jatiya Party chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad considers it a shame for the country when a neighboring country has to express its concern over the law and order situation prevailing in it. He said he heard of “crossfire� before, but now it is “shootout� and asked what it really implied. He asked if those killed in the shootouts were not human beings and why they should not deserve justice. While speaking at an Iftar gathering on June 18, Ershad further said that there is so much bloodshed in the country and people want a change.

No Joy for Khaleda


Jasod president and information minister Hasanul Haque Inu does not think there is any reason for BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia to be joyous about the ongoing controversy over Jasod. He said Khaleda has nothing to gain from poking her nose into it. Inu gave his remarks on June 18 when he said the 14-party alliance including Jasod and Awami League are united to confront secret killing, extremism and militancy. He also added that no matter how much Khaleda tried to spew her hatred against Jasod, she would not be able to hide the mis - deeds and crimes committed by her and the BNP-Jamaat axis.

Penance for Jasod Sympathizers


Awami League general secretary and minister for public administration, Syed Ashraful Islam, said that those who are holding and carrying Jasod are cent percent pretenders. He said this was the party that had created the situation for the killing of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and is also responsible for Bangladesh failing to make significant economic progress. The minister said that one of the Jasod leaders has been made a cabinet minister of the government. He said that if one ever takes a wrong decision, one has to do penance for it for the rest of one’s life. He made his comments while addressing the extended meeting of Chhattra League at Dhaka University’s Teacher-Student Center on June 13.



f the political situation in Bangladesh looks gloomy, it is perhaps nothing compared to the growing threat of climate change that is likely to swallow one-fifth of the country. Scientists are afraid that by 2050, global warming is going to wreak havoc on Bangladesh displacing at least 30 million people. But that is only the headline that does not tell us the whole story. Underlying this one risk are many ramifications that threaten to throw this country into a complete chaos. High salinity, desertification, severe flooding, food shortage, and risk of conflicts are some of the likely outcomes in Bangladesh, which is one ....

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C limate change has become a global concern in recent years. Every year, the United Nations (UN) is organizing conferences in different parts of the world in order to ...

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Enemies in the Workplace

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Accommodating the Professionals

A landmark decision will mark a significant change in the history of Olympic boxing, allowing professional boxers to ...


Well-wishers touch the hearse carrying the body of Muhammad Ali during his funeral procession as it moved through his hometown, passing his old school, where he would race against the bus on his morning training runs, and the pink bungalow which was his childhood home, where neighbors remembered him shadow boxing against the old tree in the yard


A remarkable range of leading US Republicans, including governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina and senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, have been emphatic publicly or with their advisers and allies that they do not want to be considered as Donald Trump’s running mate


Loose and Hungry

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Time to Go Local!

Local manufacturing of mobile phones can save the country huge amount of foreign exchange and make phone sets available at reasonable prices to domestic users

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Loan for Porn

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Trade Behind Temple

A raid conducted by the authorities in the Tiger Temple of Thailand exposed a scandal that involves a shadowy billion-dollar trade in Asia...

Scientists Turn CO2 Into Stone to Fight Climate Change

Scientists have turned carbon dioxide into stone in a matter of months by pumping it deep underground, offering a revolutionary new way of storing the greenhouse gas to tackle climate change. The pioneering experiment in Iceland mixed CO2 emissions with water and pumped it hundreds of meters (feet) underground into volcanic basalt rock where it rapidly turned into a solid, said Juerg Matter, lead author of the study, which was published .....

Bald-Hairy Pattern of Russian Leaders

The bald–hairy joke is that there is, apparently, a strict rule applying to Russia's politics for the latest two centuries. A bald (or obviously balding) state leader is succeeded by a non-bald ("hairy") one, and vice versa. This pattern has held true since 1825. It is argued that Georgy Malenkov, who was Premier of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1955), was an exception but some videos of his partner Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam Conference showed that he was balding. This consistent pattern can be traced back to Nicholas I who ...

Sylvester Stallone Sued for USD7 Million Over His Show 'Strong'

Sylvester Stallone has been slapped with seven million dollars lawsuit by his personal trainer Robert Fletcher over the claims that he has stolen the idea of his show 'Strong' from him. Fletcher claimed that he created a show called 'America's Next Great Trainer' and sent his pitch materials to the 69-year-old's publicist, and also to agents at William Morris Endeavor. In his lawsuit, he claimed that the show ....


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