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First News, the first and only weekly newsmagazine in Bangladesh, is now into the SIXTH year of publication. The magazine has been coming out every Sunday since July 11, 2010

Where are We Heading with Growth Alone?


Former advisor to caretaker government, Sultana Kamal, expressed her concern if economic growth alone has any significance if everything else is left behind. She said, "We must see what are we giving up so much for? If we give up security, freedom, and every other thing, then where are we heading with growth alone? What is the purpose of this growth?" Kamal was speaking at a two-day conference organized by Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies when she presided over a session titled, "Democracy, Governance and Development".

All Windows of Democracy are Shut


BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir lamented that all windows of democracy are shut in the country, a dangerous situation is prevailing, the government has become morally bankrupt and the convicts are running ministries. He also said that the government has taken a position against the people by implicating dissenting voices and journalists in false cases. Alamgir made his comments at a rally of Jagpa held at the auditorium of Bangladesh Photo Journalists Association in Purana Paltan.

Three Battles Fought in the Country


Information minister Hasanul Haque Inu claimed that three battles are being simultaneously fought in the country. One of these battles, he said, was to free the country from militancy. Another battle is being fought to develop the country and the third battle is fighting against corruption and partisanship to bring about good governance. The minister added that the rival in all these three battles is the messenger of chaos. Inu also added that the country needed cultured minds to win these battles.

“Honorable Prime Minister, Please Save Me”


Journalist Probir Sikdar has made an appeal to the prime minister on his facebook page, expressing deep concern that his life was under threat. He wrote in his facebook status that he was not asking for any favor in connection with the court cases he is fighting and that he was not at all perturbed by the charge sheet filed against him under section 57 in Faridpur because if the law is allowed to take it own course he is going to win. But Sikdar requested the prime minister to see that he could not be harassed by anyone anymore and no one could abduct him in the guise of law enforcement officials.

Shafik Rehman May Be Tried in the USA


Prime minister’s son and her ICT affairs adviser Sajib Wazed Joy has said that veteran journalist Shafik Rehman may be tried in a US court for his links with FBI agent Robert Lustyik. He also wrote in a post on his verified facebook page that it is a crime in the United States if a journalist resorts to illegal means to collect information. Joy also said that Shafik Rehman, who is not a US citizen, bribed an FBI agent to get confidential documents, which is tantamount to espionage and the punishment for it is imprisonment for life in a maximum security prison.

Allah Will Not Tolerate So Much Oppression


Jatiya Party chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad complained that a culture of injustice has overtaken the country and anybody who speaks up either gets abducted or killed. He said there is no security in life and common people are looking for an assurance of safety. Ershad said that Allah would not tolerate so much oppression. Referring to the reserves heist in Bangladesh Bank, he said that BDT350 billion has been stolen from the banks, 200 women have been raped and 36 children have been murdered but nobody has been brought to book.

Everybody but Ruling Party Leaders is Getting Killed


Spokesman of Gonojagoron Mancha, Imran H. Sarker, said in his comment that everybody in the country except the ruling Awami League workers is get - ting killed in the country. Then he said that in some cases the ruling party leaders are also getting murdered. Imran wrote this on his facebook status in his reaction to the recent killing of Rajshahi University teacher Dr. AFM Rezaul Karim Siddiqui.

Children of Freedom Fighters are Anti-liberation Elements


Mayor of Chittagong City, AZM Nasir Uddin, believes that the children and wards of many freedom fighters are availing the quota facility for their ancestors but they are growing up with a mindset opposed to liberation and sovereignty of the country. He said that it was a matter of shame for the entire nation. He urged the freedom fighters to raise their children in the spirit of the liberation war and impart them not only institutional education but also bring them up as patriotic citizens of the country. The Chittagong mayor gave his remarks at the scholarship distribution ceremony for the children of freedom fighters held the city’s Theater Institute Auditorium.

Imran’s Audacity Has Crossed Its Limit


Awami League presidium member Nuh-ul-Alam Lenin has accused Gonojagoron Mancha spokesman Imran H. Sarker of crossing his limit with his audacity by saying that journalist Shafik Rehman has been arrested on imaginary charges. Lenin said it in a post on his facebook page. He also wanted to know how Imran could find out that the charges against Rehman were imaginary. He also said that Imran was now speaking in the language of war criminals and Khaleda Zia and made it obvious who was pulling the strings behind him.

All That Whispering Must Stop


Minister of Public Administration, Syed Ashraful Islam, openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the ministry officials. During a coordination committee meeting of the ministry he asked them to give up secrecy and bring transparency to their work. He said that the rules of business of the ministry clearly states that no file can be approved bypassing the minister and he instructed that all summaries should be shown to him before being sent to the president or the prime minister.



n Europe, the labor movement came as a natural outcome of the industrial revolution, when agricultural jobs declined and an increasing number of people started moving into the industrial arena. And that movement was not as smooth as it sounds because it involved a great deal of hardship on the part of workers, and tension between them and their employers. It was out of the necessity to establish their rights and protect their livelihoods that labor parties and labor unions were formed throughout industrialized parts of the world....

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T he workers’ movement in Bangladesh has lost its pace. During Pakistani rule, the country had some traditional industries such as jute, textile, and sugar mills where workers were very active...

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America and Memories of Schlesinger

I n this pretty tumultuous election year in the United States, it is something of an urge to recall the role intellectuals have played in past American elections. Or shall we speak of one particular intellectual, in this instance Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., whose role in the rise of John F. Kennedy and the subsequent...

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Between Cricket and Thirst

A court ruling ordered BCCI to shift IPL matches out of Maharashtra to save water in the drought-stricken Indian state...


A photo celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday, showcasing four generations of the Royal family; from left, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince George and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge


The tussle between Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in the USA even got down to their wives. Cruz taunted, “Donald, if you try to attack Heidi, you are more of a coward than I thought.” Trump responded with a depiction of a glamorous Melania side-by-side a scowling Heidi with the line, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Cruz came back with more: “Donald, real men do not attack women,” and “Donald, you are a sniveling coward, and leave Heidi the hell alone.”


Audit of the Embassies

Irregularities worth over BDT70 million have been found in a number of Bangladesh missions abroad although many diplomats do not agree with the audit findings....

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Disparity in Loan Distribution

The loans distributed by banks show bias for urban areas against rural areas and are largely concentrated in Dhaka and Chittagong divisions compared to rest of the country

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The Curse of Conscription

A conscript’s service is indefinite, he is not allowed to leave the country, and the pay is dismal — about USD10 on the black market...

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"Somebody who is 65 or 70 is useful for important activities, but not the activities of an important leader." --Cuban president Raul Castro said that future top leaders of Cuba's Communist party should retire at 70 to let in younger blood


"While I am very saddened by this, I have the force, the spirit and the courage to fight this whole process to the end." --Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff vowed to fight impeachment toothand- nail in the Senate after a heavy defeat in the lower house of Congress on April 17


"(The)'Panama Papers', it is not about Panama.” --Panamanian president Juan Carlos Varela during his Tokyo visit on April 19 called for global efforts to tackle the "Panama Papers" scandal, insisting it is not a problem just for his country but the international financial system as a whole


"I think we have still to get to a place where we feel satisfied. We have this saying — 'In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king'.” --Reserve Bank governor Raghuram Rajan said in Washington where he was attending the spring meetings of the World Bank and the IMF, as also the G20 meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors


"The prime minister would not last 30 seconds if he lost the referendum and we would be plunged into a Conservative leadership crisis which is never a very edifying sight." --Ken Clarke, who served as a minister under Cameron as well as former Conservative premiers John Major and Margaret Thatcher, said in his warning against Brexit

Living Near Lots of Plants Helps Women

The study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)...

Historians Track Down Leonardo da Vinci’s Living Relatives

Italian researchers have claimed that they have discovered living relatives of the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci, despite the loss of his body centuries ago. Historians Alessandro Vezzosi and AgneseSabato told a news conference in Florence they had uncovered modern-day relatives of the 15th-century painter, engineer and mathematician. Their research, which began in 1973, led them to track down some 35 indirect descendants of the man behind the world-famous ...

The Oldest Absolute Monarchy

Kelantan was historically a powerful state with trade links with early Chinese, Indian and Siamese civilizations. Known as a subnational monarchy, the ruler of Kelantan governs his area, which was governed by his father, which was governed by his grandfather…. and all of them were subordinate to a higher national government. The Sultanate has been incorporated into seven different empires and countries in its time (Funan, Khmer Empire, Srivijaya, Siam, British ...

Dilip Kumar Discharged from Hospital

Veteran Indian actor Dilip Kumar, who was hospitalized for nearly a week due to respiratory problems, was discharged on April 21. Kumar was admitted to the Lilavati hospital in suburban Bandra on April 15 because high fever, chest infection and respiratory issues. Wearing a light pink color kurtapyjama, Kumar came out of the hospital on a wheel chair accompanied by wife Saira Banu around noon. Kumar, whose real name is Mohammad Yusuf Khan, has featured in several hit films during his six-decade...


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