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Built to Break

Built to Break

Roads and highways are built and repaired every year only to last a few months as poor construction materials, bribery,…

If Scotland Goes Independent

If Scotland Goes Independent

The independence of Scotland will diminish Britain's image as a gateway to the European Union, hurting its financial industry accounting…

Bracing Up for the Big One

Bracing Up for the Big One

A repeat of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, estimated at 7.8 magnitude, would cause some USD93 billion in insured losses…

Death of a Nightingale

Death of a Nightingale

An era of music came to an end after legendary Nazrul singer Firoza Begum completed her earthly journey, leaving behind…

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Spoken at Home
Awami League Leaders Can be Bought

During a discussion with several party ministers and chief whip after the end of a parliament session, prime minister Sheikh

Hasina's attention was drawn to the views expressed by Dr Kamal Hossain and barrister Amirul Islam on the bill for impeachment of judges. At one point Hasina was heard saying," All Awami League leaders can be bought except Sheikh Hasina. That is the problem." One could hear her statement even from the gallery. Earlier the prime minister had scolded party whip Atiur Rahman Atiq for not sitting in his own seat, "What are you doing here all the time? Why are you talking so much. Go seat in the back."

More Cunning than a Fox

Former state minister for education, Ehsanul Haque Milon, claimed that Awami League knows how to make more cunning

moves than a fox. He said the party has come up with the bill for impeachment of judges to divert attention to a parliament which is detached from people, inactive and full of lawmakers who have been elected in a voterless election. He added that no matter if this bill gets passed or not, a number of judges have been already appointed under political considerations. Milon made his comments before journalists where he appeared to attend the hearing of a case against him.

Male and Female Terrorists

Krishak Shromik Janata League president Kader Siddiky has found one male terrorist and one female terrorist in

Narayanganj and they are Shamim Osman and Selina Hayat Ivy. He said both of them are Awami League leaders and prime minister is purposefully inciting one against the other to stage her political drama. Siddiky also said that the leftist parties are standing on one side of that stage, and Awami League is standing on the other side and the people of Narayanganj are enjoying the show. He concluded that there was nothing but Awami League in Narayanganj and BNP was totally absent.

Finance Minister is an Intellectual Fraud

Former Janata Bank chairman Dr Abul Barakat called the finance minister an intellectual fraud during the launching

of a book on the CSR activities of the bank. He said his decency is nothing but a disguise, but in reality he is an intellectually dishonest person and he lies through his teeth. Barakat said that the finance minister lied in the past and he would also lie in future. Terming the minister as vindictive, the former chairman further said that perhaps the minister would be happy that he was no longer with the bank.

Khaleda Zia Has Cataracts

Information minister Hasanul Haque Inu has assessed that BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has cataracts, which is why she

cannot see the rajakars, killers, war criminals and corrupt people, who are with her. The minister said the cataracts need to be removed by surgical intervention so that she would see bad people as bad and good people as good. Inu was speaking at the opening of Bangladesh Eye Hospital's Uttara branch in sector 13.

Prime Minister is Also the Party Leader

Jatiya Party secretary general Ziauddin Bablu explained that in a democracy the opposition party in the parliament is also

the shadow government and the prime minister is the leader of the parliament which is why she is also the leader of the opposition. He defended that this is why his party leaders have to talk to the prime minister but nobody went to her to lodge a complaint. During a press briefing at the party's Banani office, Bablu also said that two leaders, Moshiur Rahman and Tajul Islam, were abruptly relieved of the presidium membership because the chairman has the power to do so under clause 39A of the party constitution.

The Fire is Spreading

JAGPA president Shafiul Alam Pradhan said, "Sheikh Hasina's administration has caught fire. It is only a matter of time

before the fire in the fence is going to reach the roof." He asked Hasina to beware and not to put noose around the neck of the judiciary. He also warned that unless the bill for impeachment of judges is revoked, Hasina would not even have a clue when she was going to be hung by the same rope. Pradhan added that the deputy chief of Bangladesh Armed Forces during the liberation war, AK Khandker, has been called a traitor because he expressed his views in his book and late Ziaur Rahman, who had announced independence, has been called a Pakistani agent. He cautioned that people are no longer ready to accept so much audacity from the ruling party.

Faith and Confidence in Allah

Planning minister AHM Mustafa Kamal Lotus observed that there is so much social discontent because people are losing their

faith and confidence in Allah. He said that one must profusely cry before Allah at the end of every prayer. The minister was speaking as chief guest at the inauguration of power connection to a madrassa in Langolkot upazila of Comilla. He asked the imams and other religious leaders to study Quran and Hadiths so that they would be able to rightly convey the massage of Islam to the people.

Election This Year

BNP standing committee member ASM Hannan Shah does not believe that Awami League's dream of staying in power

until 2041 is ever going to come true. He said that people are already rejecting the misrule of Awami League and predicted that the elections would be held within this year. Shah was speaking at a human chain held in front of National Press Club to demand the release of BNP leader Mahmudur Rahman. He accused the government of wrongfully detaining Mahmudur Rahman with fabricated law suits and of having no respect for the rule of law.

Seventy-five Percent of People Supports the Government

People of this country have full confidence in the government, said joint general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif, who

referred to a recent survey undertaken by a national daily. He denied the rumor that Awami League was rife with internal conflicts and claimed that it was nothing but an expression of despair by BNP. Hanif was talking to journalists after a meeting with party leaders and workers at his residence. The Awami league leader added that the claim that Hasina's "house" is burning is nothing but mindless prattle of frustrated BNP leaders like Rafiqul Islam Miah.

Going Backgear after 42 Years

Veteran lawyer of Bangladesh Supreme Court and one of the framers of Bangladesh Constitution, Dr Kamal Hossain, asked

that while it is being said that the country is going back to the Constitution of 1972, but why should it go backgear after 42 years? Speaking at BBC Songlap held at BIAM auditorium, Dr Hossain said, "I know I am flanked by Abdul Matin Khasru and Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury on my two sides who would like to speak for and against this subject. But this should not happen and they must address the question why is it necessary after 42 years.

The First Announcer of Independence

BNP standing committee member barrister Moudud Ahmed argued that Dhaka University teacher and

economist Dr Mahbubullah ought to be the first announcer of independence. He was launching his 13th book Bangladesh: Emergency and the Aftermath: 2007-2008 when he said that Mahbubullah was the first man to proclaim independence in 1969. Ahmed said he was the lawyer defending Mahbubullah who was put in jail by the military regime for proclaiming independence.


What if Bangabandhu had Governed Pakistan?

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Bangladesh Awami League is 65 years old, which makes it the oldest political party in the country, and that credential coincides with the fact that it also is the most powerful political party right now. This party looks invincible as it controls the government and the parliament with an undisputed sway. It has got the state machinery under its control. It has the law-enforcement bodies in its grip. Today's Bangladesh virtually remains to its beck and call.

All is well except for one thing, which is the question of legitimacy that hangs over Awami League like the Sword of Damocles. People inside and outside ...


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Built to Break

Built to Break

Roads and highways are built and repaired every year only to last a few months a...

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