First News has entered into fifth year of its publication on July 11. We thank our readers, contributors, patrons and well-wishers for their support in the previous years & the years to come


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Stopping the Rot

Stopping the Rot

There must be an end to political brinkmanship that has pushed us closer to an abyss than pulled us away…

Awami League is Its Own Nemesis?

Awami League is Its Own Nemesis?

Internecine bickering plagues the ruling party as leaders and workers vie for supremacy and control over extortion and tender…

BNP in a Bind

BNP in a Bind

While BNP does not have an option other than building a strong political movement to compel the ruling party…

Balancing With India

Balancing With India

While trade remains heavily tilted in favor of India, attaining a balance largely depends on the Indian government that…

Delhi is World’s Second Most Populous City

Delhi is World’s Second Most Populous City

The UN report places Delhi behind Tokyo, which with 38 million people continues to be the world's most populous city…

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Spoken at Home
Hong Kong and Padma Bridge

Prime minister has suggested that a Hong Kong like city should be built around the Padma Bridge. She has already discussed the

matter with the finance minister and recommended construction of international standard convention center, trade fairs and other entertainment facilities in the area surrounding Padma Bridge. She mentioned it during her visit to the communication ministry when she also added that it could be an opportunity to build a new city.

Legal Notice for BNP Leaders

Awami League's publicity and publication affairs secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud has asked that legal notice

should be sent to BNP's acting secretary general and other leaders. He was addressing a seminar organized by an NGO in Chittagong when he said that discomfort amongst the BNP leaders became apparent after the prime minister's announcement, which indicates that Tarique Rahman, Arafat Rahman and other BNP leaders have kept their money in Swiss banks. "I have only talked about my suspicion. And the BNP leaders are responsible more in making me suspicious. So, I would request Tarique Rahman to send his legal notice to the BNP leaders. Mahmud also said that he had learned through newspapers and television channels that Tarique Rahman had sent him a legal notice, which did not reach him yet.

Information Minister as Godfather

BNP's joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi has criticized information minister Hasanul Haque Inu for his comments on BNP

chairperson. During a press briefing at party's central office in Naya Paltan, he said that when the ruling party threatens to kill opposition party activists it can be learned from the daily newspapers how the common people are faring under the circumstances. Rizvi said that information minister Inu is playing the leading role in the government's campaign to destroy democracy. He said the minister has now appeared in the role of a godfather himself whereas he had led the anti-government activities during the 1972-75 period.

They are All Rubbish

Finance minister AMA Muhith has said that he has not offered any renewed opportunity for whitening of black

money. It is already included in the income tax law. The minister made his comments after his meeting with the visiting deputy managing director of IMF. He referred to the reports in the media on black money and said, "Those who have written those reports, are all rubbish. It is utterly nonsense." Muhith said he has not offered additional facilities to black money holders in this budget and merely kept intact the opportunity offered in the income tax law. He said, "Rather I have made some changes for the real estate sector and specifically mentioned the square footage."

BNP's Diplomatic Audacity

Agriculture minister Matiya Chowdhury has said that BNP's diplomatic audacity has been proven internationally. The

minister said it in the parliament while mentioning BNP's solicitation for a meeting with the visiting Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj. Aiming Khaleda Zia, Chowdhury said, "You had invited Pranab Mukherjee to visit Bangladesh during your trip to India. When he was visiting Bangladesh you cancelled your appointment with him due to the strike called by your beloved Jamaat. It had proven and established your diplomatic audacity at the international level."

Awami League Divided the Liberation Force

JSD leader ASM Abdur Rab has claimed that Awami League divided the liberation force after the independence of

Bangladesh because it had formed a partisan government instead of an all-party government inclusive of those who had fought in the liberation war. He said that was how Awami League had divided the liberation force in the country. Rab said that then Awami League had killed 20,000 JSD activists. He resented that those who do not know the history of the liberation war make adverse comments about JSD, Serazul Alam Khan and Gonobahini.

Do Not Laugh at Us

Jatiya Party chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad in his protest against criticism of his party said, "Some cabinet members from

time to time are ridiculing us. They laugh at us. I would say, do not laugh at us. Because you will be making mockery of democracy if you do that." Ershad also said that those who are in power today were once on the opposition. He asked them if they were able to carry out their duties as the opposition party in the parliament. He also urged that it should be the slogan of the time that in this march of democracy the party in power and the party in opposition are not inimical to each other.

Awami League is an Abandoned Party

Acting BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said that ever since the January 5 election, Awami league has

been abandoned by people. He said that party is no longer capable of facing its opponents because it has become bankrupt which is why its leaders are saying irrelevant things. Alamgir was speaking at a gathering in the National Press Club when he criticized Hasanul Haque Inu for saying that Khaleda Zia supports terrorists and rajakars. He said it is the same Inu who had once led the Gonobahini in its armed struggle against the government of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman but he is now a minister on the Awami League cabinet.

Fossilized Bureaucracy Cannot Run the Country

It is not possible to run the country with the fossilized bureaucracy and a handful of capable politicians, said

Awami League presidium member Suranjit Sengupta. While giving his views on current political trends at Diploma Engineers' Institute in the capital, he urged the prime minister to strongly organize the party which can be primary force for running the country. He added that the young party leader Sajib Wazed Joy is paying attention to organizational matters and the younger generation is going to help him in that task. He asked BNP Leaders to have patience because they have to pay the price for the political blunder they have committed.

Neither Market Access Nor GSP

Commerce minister Tofail Ahmed informed after his meeting with US ambassador Dan Mozena that the United States does

not talk about those exports from Bangladesh which enjoyed the GSP facility and they are more interested to talk about garments which do not get that facility. He complained that USA gives neither market access nor GSP facility to Bangladeshi products. Ahmed said that Bangladesh has signed Ticfa agreement with the United States and also fulfilled all the conditions imposed by USTR on the garments industry. He is optimistic that Bangladesh might get back the GSP facility after the USA would have reviewed its status this December.

Awami League is Sick in the Head

Bangladesh Jatiya Party chairman Andalib Rahman Partha has observed that one cannot live like a human being if

one is sick in one's head no matter how healthy he may be in his hands, legs and other parts. He said that the present illegitimate government is sick in its head which is why Bangladesh has been sinking deeper into the quagmire of ill-governance. Partha made his comments on Tritio Matra of Channel-I.

Nobody Has Behaved So Badly

Chairman of Bangladesh Cricket Board Nazmul Hasan Papon said, "Never in the history of this country has anybody

behaved so badly before. The decision has been taken in the better interest of cricket in Bangladesh, although it has been a very sad decision." Papon gave his comments after Bangladesh Cricket Board announced its exemplary punishment for all-rounder Sakib Al Hasan. He also said any player who will repeat this behavior in future might get banned for life.


A beautiful woman called Farzana

I remember Nighat Farzana, as the monsoon clouds gather in the sky above me.

On a freezing night long ago, as an old year prepared to yield place to a new one, I stood watching a dark, empty home on a familiar street in Quetta. It was familiar because it was one of those spots in my boyhood world where I had tried shaping poetry in my imagination. A goodly part of the poetry revolved around Nighat Farzana, whose empty, abandoned house I was now staring at twenty-five years after I had last met her ...



First News entered its fifth year of publication on July 11. It means we are already one week older than four years and fifty-one week short of completing five years. We want to share this good news with our readers and patrons as an avowal of our gratitude for their unstinted support without which we could not have come this far. These four years have been fraught with challenges and we have held steadfast to our commitment to our readers to bring them objective news. If we have showed any bias during these years, it has been in favor of truth and fairness. Not one report that appeared in this weekly has been blamed for being partisan or catering to vested interests. ...


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65 Percent Students Drop Out by Higher Secondary Level

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Regaining EU Markets for Betel Leaf

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Delhi is World’s Second Most Populous City

Delhi is World’s Second Most Populous City

The UN report places Delhi behind Tokyo, which with 38 million people continues ...

Incest is Not “Unnatural”

Incest is Not “Unnatural”

A judge says incest may no longer be a taboo and the only reason it is criminal ...

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