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Keepers are Usurping Forests

Keepers are Usurping Forests

Bangladesh's forests are being plundered under the nose and with the direct collaboration of the same people whose job is…

Egyptians are Worried

Egyptians are Worried

Egyptians are worried about the future of their country and that of the Muslim world as monarchic dynasties resist democratic…

Missing or Making FDI Momentum

Missing or Making FDI Momentum

FDI inflow declined to USD1.55 billion in the last fiscal year as a negative consequence of political unrest in the…

The Ageless Directors of Timeless Movies

The Ageless Directors of Timeless Movies

These renowned directors are working past their retirement age because filmmaking makes them feel young and alive…

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Spoken at Home
Anesthesia for Anarchists

Health minister, Mohammad Nasim, would like to administer anesthesia to those who tend to create anarchy

through hartals and he would also like to do the same thing to those who make spurious drugs. He was speaking on World Anesthesia Day at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University when he insisted that others should not only emulate the United States but also Bangladesh as a role model for crushing terrorism. He resented that despite spending millions of taka on building hospitals, many hospitals cannot perform surgery due to lack of anesthesia facilities. He also urged students to study in this field and promised to give incentives to those who earn a degree in anesthesiology.

Police Has Turned into a Force for Awami League

While demanding unconditional release of detained Chhatra Dal leaders and workers, BNP joint secretary general

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed told journalists at the Naya Paltan party office that those people were arrested without any valid ground. He also said that in stark contrast policemen were silent observers when some people were ransacking the party office. Rizvi complained that there is no rule of law in the country and police has become a force for the ruling Awami League

One-Party Democracy

Jatiya Party chairman, Hussain Muhammad Ershad, has commented that the country at present has a one-party

democracy. He also added that a democracy that cannot ensure the safety of life and property for the people, is not a real democracy but a democracy of one single party. He was speaking at his Banani party office and said that all the politicians in this country are obsessed with power because they know that once they lose power they will have to go to jail and face court cases. He termed the current brand of democracy a democracy of revenge.

Sweepers of Shahid Minar

Founder of Gonoshathya Kendra, Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury, claimed that the responsibility of Dhaka University is

to upkeep and sweep the Shahid Minar, but not to decide who should be allowed to go there. He was speaking at the Baitul Aman mosque before the funeral prayer for political analyst Dr. Piyash Karim. Chowdhury further said that the Shahid Minar was nobody's private property but the property of 160 million people.

Diplomacy of Photo Sessions

BNP vice chairman, Shamser Mobin Chowdhury, has quipped that the government is practicing diplomacy

of photo sessions with the outside world. Chowdhury said that starting from the United Nations to the ASEM 10 summit in Italy, the prime minister's engagement with global leaders was restricted to photo opportunities only. He said the foreign minister tried to pass off the prime minister's photo session with UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, as a meeting. He also said that practicing such falsehood embarrasses Bangladesh before the international community, and people feel insulted.

Shahid Minar Too is Under PM's Occupation

Shamsuzzaman Dudu, an advisor to the BNP chairperson, has complained that the prime minister has even taken over the

Shahid Minar. He was addressing a human chain organized in front of the National Press Club when he said that the government now wants to take possession of everything. Dudu added that it has forcibly taken power and its musclemen have also taken the streets, courts, and everything else. He resented that the government has decided to take control of the Shahid Minar as well.

Mother of Terrorism

By nature, the Awami League has always been a terrorist organization and Sheikh Hasina is the mother of terrorism,

said JAGPA president, Shafiul Alam Prodhan. He made these remarks at rallies held in Thakurgaon and Dinajpur. Prodhan said that even though Maulana Bhashani was the founder of the party, he could not stay there after the party was taken over by terrorists. He also mentioned that the founder secretary of Awami League, Shamsul Haque, was forced to go insane. The JAGPA president further said that the Awami League is responsible for the brutal killing of Siraj Shikdar and 30,000 other innocent people.

Killing of the Prime Minister

Relief and disaster management minister, Mofazzel Hossain Maya, has expressed concern that the killers of 1975 are

desperately looking for an opportunity to kill the prime minister. He was speaking on the 50th birth anniversary of Sheikh Russel, the youngest son of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Fazilatunnessa Mujib, when he said that those who want to kill Sheikh Hasina are the agents and ghosts of Pakistan's Inter- Services Intelligence (ISI). Maya added that these killers had killed the entire family of Sheikh Mujib in 1975 and have made 21 attempts to assassinate Sheikh Hasina so far.

Nation is Grateful to Dr. Yunus

According to finance minister, AMA Muhith, the nation is grateful to Dr Muhammad Yunus for the significant role played

by microcredit in reducing the number of loan defaults in the country. The minister was speaking at a seminar on poverty alleviation and the role of microcredit at Bangabandhu International Convention Center, when he emphasized that Bangladesh would be poverty free by 2021. Muhith underscored that the main achievement of the Grameen initiative was to give small loans to poor people, who do not usually get credit and who also do not default on loan repayment either.

Conspirators in the Cabinet

Awami Jubo League chairman, Mohammad Omar Faruk Chowdhury, said that some people are still trying to implement

the cause for which Bangbandhu and his family were killed on August 15, 1975. He also warned that there are conspirators amongst the cabinet ministers. He said this at a presidium meeting when he also demanded that law minister Anisul Haque should be removed from his post for making contradictiry statements. Chowdhury also added that the face of the current cabinet is becoming clear to the people. He said after Latif Siddiky and AK Khandker, the clarification given by the law minister in favor of late Dr Piyash Karim, could be part of a conspiracy.


The Trouble with Technology

Technology can often cause havoc in life, especially if you are ignorant about the way it works. You may be sixty and quite thrilled about the computer or laptop on which you do all your writing work. You know how to send and receive e-mails ...



It is said that if you pray for rain then you must also be prepared to handle the mud. Technological advances have brought conveniences to our life but have also brought in attendant complications. The mobile phone is one such example that speaks eloquently of this contradiction.

There are more than 110 million mobile subscribers in the country and that number is growing. Mobile phones with their ever increasing features and availability are making daily inroads into our homes where every member of a family, including domestic help, proudly possesses one or two mobile sets. Many of them have got dual SIM ...


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Keepers are Usurpers

Keepers are Usurpers

Bangladesh's forests are being plundered under the nose and with the direct coll...

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The Vijayanagar Empire

It existed in southern India for over 300 years, from 1336 to 1646.

Domingo Paes, a Portuguese chronicler, marveled at how its capital was “as large as Rome” and “the palace of the king is larger than the castle at Lisbon.” Another ...



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