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The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

Recent incidents of gold seizures have exposed that some of the top officials of Bangladesh Biman are involved in smuggling.…

Push Back Against Pegida

Push Back Against Pegida

Moderate Germans are taking to the streets to protest ant-Islamic movement in their country that worries them as resurgence of…

Getting a Grip on Inflation

Getting a Grip on Inflation

The current fiscal year this far witnessed a continuing decline in inflation rate in each consecutive month, much to the…

Prosecutors Question Roman Polanski

Prosecutors Question Roman Polanski

For 38 years, one of the world's most acclaimed filmmakers has been haunted by his act of sexual indiscretion as…

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Spoken at Home
Stop Subversive Acts or Face Tougher Measures

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has warned BNP and Jamaat that they would have to face tougher measures unless they

stopped perpetrating subversive acts. Hasina cited the torching of a bus in Rangur roasting four people to death for an example while she was addressing an audience at the Osmani Auditorium. She said that she was short of language to condemn that act of violence but asked the culprits to abstain from repeating such cruelty in future. The prime minister also said that this could not be politics but terrorist act and the people will have to stand up to resist it. Aiming at the BNP chief Khaleda Zia, Hasina said that it did not make sense that the whole nation should pay the price for the mistakes committed by a certain individual.

Never Before in 200 Years

Opposition leader in the parliament, Raushan Ershad, once again expressed her concern over the prevailing political

violence in the country. She also termed the present situation as the most violent in last 200 years. In a statement she said that although hartal and blockade are means of political struggle and parts of democratic culture, but what is happening now is political nihilism. Raushan said the working class has become the worst victim of this nihilism and anarchy.

Stupid Activity by BNP

Finance minister AMA Muhith has termed the prevailing anarchy created countrywide as "stupid activity by BNP". The minister

also expressed his helplessness over the continued siege enforced by the 20-party alliance. The government thought it was going to quickly bring the situation under control but the long-drawn siege has started to impact the economy. The minister admitted that last January the situation was tackled within a short time but did not expect it to be so prolonged this time. Muhith, however, expressed his optimism that things were going to become alright within a week's time.

Who is H.T. Imam?

Awami League advisory council member Suranjit Sengupta criticized prime minister's political advisor H.T.

Imam for saying that Awami League would sit for a dialogue even with Jamaat-e-Islami if they agreed to give up violence. He then asked who was H.T. Imam to speak on behalf of Awami League. While addressing a meeting at the Institution of Diploma Engineers, Sengupta also said that BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia's political movement was a mistake and that this movement would automatically stop within a week's time. He also said that Khaleda Zia would go back home on her own volition. He further stated that Awami League would never hold a dialogue with the destructive and terrorist forces.

Embarrassed as a Politician

Jatiya party chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad said during his visit to the Burn Unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital that

he was feeling embarrassed as a politician after he saw the victims of political violence who were receiving treatment there. He said the scene was too pathetic and he did not wish to be a part of such politics. He said it was not desirable politics and he was almost in tears to watch the sufferings of innocent people. He urged both sides to sit down for a dialogue in the interest of the people and the country.

The Blockade is On

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has asked the government to take initiatives to resolve the prevailing political crisis in the

country. At the same time she also said that the ongoing blockade will continue until further announcement. She was speaking at a press conference in her Gulshan office after the police barricades were removed late night on January 19. When asked if she wanted to go back to her residence now that her confinement was over, Khaleda replied she was going to work from her office and would only find out that she was not confined when she would be able to go wherever she liked.

Worm-eaten Election of January 5

Bangladesh Communist Party president Mujahidul Islam Selim said that the January 5 election was eaten by worms.

He added that it was not a normal election and reminded that the prime minister also said this election was held only for procedural reasons. Selim said that even the prime minister has now backtracked from her commitment. He was speaking at human chain in front of the National Press Club when he further remarked that the prime minister lied when she said that Khaleda Zia was not detained in her Gulshan office. The CPB president observed that if 10 sand-laden rucks were needed to ensure the safety of Khaleda Zia then there should be 50 such trucks for the security of the prime minister.

We Shall Fight Back

Former mayor and Awami League president of Chittagong unit, ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury threatened the 20-

party alliance led by BNP and Jamaat that his people are going to fight back. Chowdhury was speaking at the coordination meeting of the 14-party in Chittagong when he said that they would resist the 20-party alliance activists if they try to hurl petrol bombs or set on fire anything or make attempts to destroy life and property. He said that the 14-party workers would stand beside the lawenforcement forces if needed. He warned Khaleda Zia that they have been patient long enough and should be compelled to take the law in their own hands. In that case she herself might not be spared, Chowdhury said.

Democracy and Awami League

JSD president ASM Abdur Rab has observed that Awami League can never become democratic, for the same reason

razakars can never become freedom fighters. He said Awami League came to power by stealing votes and that is why this government is a government of thieves. Rab also added that tall talks do not sound right when come from the thieves. He then resented that this government has asked the security forces to shoot demonstrators at sight which was not the case even under Ayub and Yahya regimes of Pakistan. While speaking at a human chain organized by Gonoforum, Bangladesh Samajtantrik Dal, JSD, Bangladesh Communist Party and Nagorik Oikyo, the JSD president further mentioned that the country bought at the price of blood is now running according to the wishes of one individual.

Government is Alienated from People

Gonoforum president Dr. Kamal Hossain claimed that the government has become alienated from the people and

it has been doing what it likes to stay in power. He said the government is firing upon opposition activists and throwing them in jail. Dr. Hossain also added that the people of this country wanted peace. While attending a human chain at National Press Club, he challenged the government that it would not be able to normalize the situation within seven days which it has announced.


The Politics of Imran Khan and Khaleda Zia

There are times when you need to sit back and observe the way Pakistan and Bangladesh have been functioning since they broke away, as a single country, from the rest of India, in 1947. Of course, for the last forty three years Bangladesh has been a free ...



If 150 new vehicles are being added to the traffic stream every day and 600,000 additional people are settling down every year, it should give the compounding calculus of threats and opportunities facing the transport industry in Dhaka City. One can always question the efficiency level of transport services in the city or the adequacy of the number of vehicles compared to the number of commuters. But the biggest problem facing the transport sector is neither. Instead, it has fallen victim to organized exploitation by the transport mafia that includes politicians, labor leaders, law-enforcers and musclemen.
According to many transport owners and ...


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The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

Recent incidents of gold seizures have exposed that some of the top officials of...

Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not

Power distribution companies are duplicating efforts by setting up electric line...


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Getting a Grip

Getting a Grip

The current fiscal year this far witnessed a continuing decline in inflation rat...

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Tipping the Balance

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Push Back against Pegida

Push Back against Pegida

Moderate Germans are taking to the streets to protest ant-Islamic movement in th...

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The supreme court has agreed to hear the paternity lawsuit brought against forme...

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