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Indian Power Transmission

Indian Power Transmission

The seventh meeting of the Joint Steering Committee on Power Sector Cooperation agreed on power transmission from northeastern India to…

Recognition For National Poet

Recognition For National Poet

Although it is widely accepted that Kazi Nazrul Islam is the national poet of Bangladesh, an official recognition remains caught…

Remittance  Trend is Negative

Remittance Trend is Negative

Shrinking labor markets in the Middle East and declining dollar-taka exchange rate are squeezing remittance inflow |…

First Lady Sends Pop Star to Prison

First Lady Sends Pop Star to Prison

In a bizarre twist of events, a pop star who earned the admiration of her country's dictator ended up in…

Jeetendra to Win Dadasaheb Phalke

Jeetendra to Win Dadasaheb Phalke

A career spanning nearly 55 years will be honored with the highest award in cinema given annually by the Indian…

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Spoken at Home
Government on a Firm Footing

Finance minister AMA Muhith is of the view that the present government is standing on a firm footing. He was

speaking as a chief guest at a function in Sylhet where he explained the current position of the government. Muhith said the fundamental rights of the people have been established in the last five years and the prevailing peace and tranquility will culminate in the creation of a modern and prosperous Bangladesh in future. The minister also informed that the size of the budget is going to have a threefold increase.

Most Bloggers are Shibir Sympathizers

Awami League general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam has urged everyone to build a strong movement against the

cybercrimes being committed by anti-liberation forces. He warned that the cyberwar has already started and it must be taken seriously. Islam said that precautions must be taken to see that the youth of the country are not misled by these anti-liberation forces. In his estimate, 90 percent of the bloggers support the ideals of Chhatra Shibir and Islamic fundamentalists.

Price of Khaleda's Saree

According to agriculture minister Matiya Chowdhury, the sarees worn by BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia are priced

at USD500 per meter and the tailoring charge for each of her blouses is 20,000 taka. The minister was responding to news appearing in a national daily that Khaleda Zia is now unable to pay house rent due to a personal financial crisis. She also quipped that she could not tell what might be the price of wigs worn by the BNP leader.

Gonojagoron Mancha Alienated from People

Nazmul Alam Siddiqui, general secretary of Bangladesh Chhatra League, has complained that Gonojagoron Mancha

has failed to sustain its appeal and that it is no longer attracting people although it has been spending a lot of money to do so. Siddiqui is convinced that the mancha has become detached from the people. He made his remarks at a press briefing held in protest against statements given by the coordinator of Gonojagoron Mancha, Imran H Sarker, and the killing of a Chhatra League leader on the Rajshahi University campus. He further stated that Chhatra League would offer its apology to the nation if Imran Sarker could prove what he said about its involvement in the attack on Mancha activists in Shahbagh.

Sheikh Mujib and Liberation War

Kazi Zafar Ahmed, the leader of a splinter group of Jatiya Party, said that Sheikh Mujib never took part in the liberation war in 1971

due to a mysterious reason. He was in his own house before the war started and he was waiting for the Pakistani soldiers to come and arrest him. Ahmed was speaking at a meeting held in the auditorium of Dhaka Reporters Unity. He argued that there could be one of two reasons behind the mystery of Sheikh Mujib's surrender. Either Mujib wanted to be the prime minister of an unbifurcated Pakistan or he did not want to take charge of the liberation war, the Jatiya Party leader added.

Khaleda Joking with the Country

Awami League leader Hasan Mahmud has accused the BNP chairperson of joking with the country with regards to her house

rent. Mahmud wondered why she lives in a rented house, while she has her own house in Gulshan built on 38 kathas of land and rented out to a foreign company. He also said that Khaleda gets a monthly rent of one million taka from that house.

Do Not Care for Democracy or Human Rights

The lawmaker from Narayanganj-4 constituency, Shamim Osman, does not care about democracy or human rights. He said

the country will run on the spirit of the liberation war. He said that even after 43 years he could not forget the genocide carried out by Pakistani soldiers and a Rajakar group is trying to undermine the independence of the country. "We do not care for democracy or human rights," he insisted. "The country must run on the spirit of the liberation war. We cannot live with killers and rapists," Osman concluded.

PM to Blame for Jamaat's Victory

Constitutional expert Dr. Shahdin Malik was speaking at a roundtable organized by Nagorik Oikkyo at the VIP lounge of

National Press Club when he said that blame for the victory of Jamaat candidates in the upazila elections goes to the prime minister. He added that she will be held responsible when historians in future are going to write about the resurgence of Jamaat. Malik said one could no longer defend the Election Commission after its failures in the upazila elections. He also expressed his disappointment that fair elections could not be held despite the introduction of voter IDs.

Tarique Conspiring Like Golam Azam

Awami League presidium member Sahara Khatun claimed that while the country has been making progress,

Khaleda Zia's son Tarique Zia is busy hatching plots. She said all must unite against this cabal of conspirators under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. Khatun further said that Tarique was conspiring like Golam Azam. While addressing a function organized by Bangabandhu Sangshkritik Jote, she also said that the Golden Bengal of Bangabandhu's dream will be built under Skeikh Hasina's leadership.

Zamindari Rule in the Country

BNP standing committee member Hannan Shah observed at a seminar held at the National Press Club that the

country is effectively under the zamindari and talukdari systems. He reminded that a zamindar used to snatch property from subjects and banished anybody who tried to resist him. Shah said the same thing is happening now when the ruling government has snatched the voting right of people and is clinging to power by force. He said anybody who tries to oppose the government is having lawsuits heaved upon him and being forced to go into hiding.

EC as Ruling Party Cadre

BNP standing committee member barrister Rafiqul Islam Miah has compared the Election Commission to ruling

party cadres. He said that when the acting chief election commissioner said that BNP must eat humble pie before it continues with its politics, he sounded worse than the ruling party cadres. Miah said that he believed the Election Commission had turned into a useless and illegitimate body and a supreme judicial council must be formed to investigate its activities. Speaking at the National Press Club, the BNP leader claimed that there is no provision for 'acting chief election commissioner' post in the constitution and hence it must be declared unconstitutional.

Courts and Mujib Coat

BNP leader Goyeshar Chandra Roy believes that all law courts in the country are captive in the pockets of Mujib

coat. He said unless people are able to tear off these pockets they would not get justice and the conscience of the judges will not be roused. He complained that the judges write their verdicts at the behest of a certain authority. Roy was speaking at a rally in front of the National Press Club demanding release of Mahmudur Rahman, the detained editor of Amaar Desh, and lifting of the restriction on publication of the daily.


The April Diary

There are a whole lot of things we remember about April. Of course, we begin through recalling T.S. Eliot’s view of April being the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory with desire. Now, think of Baishakh, for it falls in mid-April and ask yourself ...



John Lukacs explains in The Future of History that history is not a science at all because it is almost never definitive. On the other hand, John Stuart Mill in his essay Free Will, Man and History, has emphasized that history is a science. These two conflicting views give us only a sliver of the controversy as historians have incessantly argued for centuries whether history is effectively an art or a science.

A great deal of history is the work of inference, historians connecting data of evidence with rational analysis. One of the greatest challenges for historians is filling the gaps, which means that when data is interpreted or understood, it is the art of this academic discipline to conclude or deduce ...


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Indian Power Transmission Through Bangladesh

Indian Power Transmission Through Bangladesh

The seventh meeting of the Joint Steering Committee on Power Sector Cooperation ...

A Recognition Long Overdue

A Recognition Long Overdue

Although it is widely accepted that Kazi Nazrul Islam is the national poet of Ba...


Business & Finance

The Trend is Negative

The Trend is Negative

Shrinking labor markets in the Middle East and declining dollar-taka exchange ra...

Speed is Cheating US Investors

Speed is Cheating US Investors

High speed traders are using their technological advantage to rip off investors ...



First Lady Sends Pop Star to Prison

First Lady Sends Pop Star to Prison

In a bizarre twist of events, a pop star who earned the admiration of her countr...

Pollution Forces PM to Quit Morning Jog

Pollution Forces PM to Quit Morning Jog

It was a one-day phenomenon but the unusually high pollution in London prompted ...

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Jeetendra to Win Dadasaheb Phalke Award

Bollywood actor famously known as Jumping Jack Jeetendra turned 72 on April 7. But this is going to be a very special year for the veteran actor who is due for a big honor. According to reliable sources, the yesteryear superstar ...



Scientists Say Australia’s Dingo is a Unique Species

Australia's dingo is a unique species, not a kind of wild dog as previously believed, according to a new study that definitively classifies the country's largest land predator. The research by Australian ...


Fun Facts

Extreme Grief in Hawaii

The Protestant missionaries from Boston arrived in Hawaii in 1820

slightly later than the mercantilists. When they landed in Hawaii, they came upon a society in which the ruling Kuhina Nui, Ka‘ahumanu, had recently abolished ...



Om Puri Shared a Hotel Room with Ex-wife in Lahore

eteran Indian Om Puri's personal life made

headlines last year as his marriage to Nandita Puri crumbled amidst claims of domestic violence and a rekindled romance with his first wife Seema Kapoor ...



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