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Acid Throwing in Sirajganj

Acid Throwing in Sirajganj

Acid being an important ingredient for yarn dying and processing is also being used as a tool of violence, mostly…

Muslim Neighborhood Raided in Australia

Muslim Neighborhood Raided in Australia

Australian police carried out a raid in Muslim properties under its alleged suspicion that Islamic State operatives are hatching a…

The Horror of The Wolf's Lair

The Horror of The Wolf's Lair

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's food taster lives to tell the tale on a German television more than seven decades after…

Secret Fantasy Of Hilary Mantel

Secret Fantasy Of Hilary Mantel

One day in 1983 the two-time Booker Prize winner spotted an unguarded Thatcher from the window of her Windsor flat…

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Spoken at Home
Apparitions of Yahya Khan

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina claimed that there are certain people in the country who do not like anything done by her

government and these people always look for a hole in everything it does because these people are driven by their strong desire to return to power. She said these people do not have the ability to run the country or stand beside the people and their favorite places are in television channels and air-conditioned rooms where they have been continuously criticizing her. Hasina quipped that her government has been cooperating with them by means of uninterrupted power supply whereas they have been raising their voices against her. The prime minister called them friends and bootlickers of anti-liberation forces and apparitions of Yahya Khan. Hasina was speaking at a meeting organized by Gopalganj district administration.

Hartal of Joy

General secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan Awami League, Mofazzel Hossain Maya, believes that Jamaat-e-Islami called

for hartal because the verdict on Sayedee was commuted from death sentence to life sentence. Maya said it during an anti-hartal rally in front of the party office at Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital. He said he was not happy with the verdict as a freedom fighter and no freedom fighter should be happy with it. Then he added that only Jamaat should be happy and that is why they called for the hartal although that call has been rejected by the people.

Awami League is Converted

BNP vice chairman Shah Moazzem Hussain said in a meeting at National Press Club that today's Awami League is

converted, meaning it is now in favor of communism, India and China. He said Awami League has made improvements in the art of committing crimes including theft and robbery, but has done nothing to improve the lot of the common people. Hussain reminded the prime minister that people are going to bring her to trail for being an Indian agent and nobody knows how many court cases are going to be filed against her.

Good Writer, Bad Politician

According to information minister Hasanul Haque Inu, the book written by BNP standing committee member

barrister Moudud Ahmed is a proof that the BNP chairperson has made a suicidal political mistake. He asked his audience to keep in mind that Moudud is a good writer but a bad politician. He also added that what needs to be seen now is the kind of politics Moudud Ahmed and AK Khandker are going to practice in future. Inu was speaking at the Institution of Diploma Engineers in the capital. He said the January 5 election brought an end to Khaleda Zia's politics of conspiracy and upheld the constitution.

Awami League is Courting Jamaat

Bangladesh Communist Party president Mujahidul Islam Selim is convinced that Awami League is courting

Jamaat-e-Islami to isolate BNP. He said that this unwritten alliance between the two sides has been reflected in the verdict on Sayedee. Selim emphasized that this was not just the view of his party but that of the people of this country. He was speaking at a joint meeting of CPB-BSD at the National Press Club.

Gonojagoron Mancha Has Lost Its Appeal

Civil aviation and tourism minister Rashed Khan Menon has observed that the Gonojagoron Mancha is not necessary

anymore. He said there was a time when the mancha had an appeal but that is not true right now because it is divided into three splinter groups. Menon was participating in the BBC Songlap as a panel discussant when he also said, "I have said it before that there is a gap between the verdict on Sayedee and people's expectation of it. But we would like to respect the verdict given by the judges."

Smashing Spines of Constitutional Bodies

JSD president ASM Abdur Rab complained that the country is now reeling under the burden of authoritarian rule,

because the government controls the electoral system, the judiciary and the media. Rab said it would have an adverse effect on local and foreign investment, job creation and remittance sent by expatriate Bangladeshis. He further complained that the government was smashing the spines of the constitutional bodies in the country and insisted that there was no alternative to an acceptable election if the process of destroying democracy has to stop.

The Poisonous Darts

National People's Party chairman Sheikh Shawkat Hossain Nilu resented that he has been made the victim of a conspiracy and

Khaleda Zia has been throwing poisonous darts at him without giving him a chance to defend himself. He said the BNP leader expelled him because he had attended an iftar party thrown by Sheikh Hasina. Nilu was speaking at a meeting of Bangladesh Insaaf Party at the National Press Club when he also said that the councilors of his party not Khaleda Zia had the right to expel him from the party.

The Cage-like Bangabhaban

President Abdul Hamid has said that he has been living the life of a prisoner in the cage-like Bangabhaban. He

resented that he could no longer mingle with people like before even if he wanted. He also said that he has been living a comfortable life inside Bangabhaban but his main complaint is that he has been kept in captivity. Hamid added that just as a bird cannot be tamed with milk and banana, he too would never return to this cage once he gets out of it. The president was addressing a crowd in Ostogram, Kishoreganj when he made his comments.

Discard Like a Rag

BNP standing committee member MK Anwar has termed the latest amendment of the constitution as antipeople. He said

when the people's government would come to power under the leadership of BNP they would discard this amendment like a rag. Anwar was speaking at meeting at the Reporters' Unity auditorium when he also accused the government of destroying all democratic institutions in the country. He also said that the government is run by a fascist group of people who came to power through a voterless election which is why they do not feel accountable to the people.

An Earthquake in Higher Courts

BNP standing committee member barrister Rafiqul Islam Miah argued that the sixteenth amendment of the constitution is

meant to put psychological pressure on the judges. Miah also said that it would be difficult for the judges to give impartial verdicts due to this amendment and compared it to an earthquake in the higher courts. He gave his observations in a meeting held at the National Press Club. He asked if the power to impeach judges will be safe in a parliament where 154 members have been elected uncontested.

Total Rubbish!

Finance minister AMA Muhith readily dismissed the rumor of secret alliance between Jamaat-e-Islami and Awami

League as total rubbish. He gave his reaction to reporters after his meeting with the directors of Asian Development Bank. Muhith said that it is Jamaat which has been spreading the rumor and BNP is also involved in this campaign. He asked how could Awami League join hands with a party which it hates with a passion. The minister also called Jamaat the "Bloody Party." He explained that Jamaat could not be banned because then it would go underground and carry out its murderous activities from there.


The Joys of Retirement

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The stock market in a country is supposed to have a direct connection with its business environment. It allows businesses to be publicly traded and raises additional financial capital for expansion. In that strict sense, the stock market in Bangladesh has no reason to come out of its present inertia unless the manipulators get active again. Investment being stagnant, power and gas supply being scarce and the political future looking bleak, the businesses are showing no sign of growth and expansion any time soon.

Yet the stock prices rise and fall from time to time, which is hard to explain. What is happening in the larger environment that should stir up the market? There ...


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The Surge in Sirajganj

The Surge in Sirajganj

Acid being an important ingredient for yarn dying and processing is also being u...

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The Horror of the Wolf's Lair

Margot Woelk was 25 years old when she was employed at Adolf Hitler's heavily guarded Prussian "Wolf's Lair" headquarters during the Second World War. She was one of the 15 young women who served the Nazi ruler in the last days of his life. Her job was particularly trying because she had to taste the Nazi leader's food before it ...



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Russian MiG Downed in Japan

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 (NATO reporting name: Foxbat) is a

supersonic interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft that was among the fastest military aircraft to enter service. It was designed by the Soviet Union's Mikoyan-Gurevich ...



Hema Malini against Widows Crowding Mathura

Bollywood actor-turned politician Hema Malini

has stoked a controversy with her remarks that widows from Bengal and Bihar should not crowd Vrindavan, the holy city in Uttar Pradesh and home to thousands ...



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