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Analyzing BNP

Analyzing BNP

Khaleda Zia remains the spearhead of the movement when most of her senior party leaders are either in jail, dead,…

The Growth Paradox

The Growth Paradox

All indicators suggest that the ongoing political turmoil is undercutting economic activities, which will eventually affect the projected GDP growth…

Europe Putting Principle above Cash

Europe Putting Principle above Cash

Europe has stood up to Saudi Arabia and refused to sell arms to the kingdom in protest against its political…

Bangladesh’s Journey to 300 ODIs

Bangladesh’s Journey to 300 ODIs

Since1986, Bangladesh has played 299 more days of one-day cricket to reach the 300 mark on March 19 in the…

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Spoken at Home
Politely Go to the Court

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has asked BNP chairperson to obey the law and the court. She said, "A warrant has been

issued against you and we hope you will politely go to the court and surrender yourself." The prime minister also warned that if the BNP chairperson failed to do that then the government will have no recourse but to obey the verdict of the court. While distributing cheques amongst the families of the victims of petrol bomb attacks at her office, Hasina asked how one human being could burn another to death. She wanted to know what kind of a political movement it was and why there was so much repression of the common people. She also said that one day the curse of people will bring the end of Khaleda Zia.

Azrael's Maternal Cousins

Agriculture minister Motia Chowdhury has said that those who talk about having a dialogue with the hyenas have lost their

minds. She said that her party does not believe in the politics of prattle and neither does it believe in talking to the hyenas nor will it ever do that. Chowdhury said BNP does business with deadbodies and they are the corpse sellers. The minister also termed them as Azrael's maternal cousins. She made her remarks at a rally in front of the Awami League office at Bangabandhu Avenue.

Democracy Buried after 1990

Jatiya Party chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad is of the view that democracy has been buried in Bangladesh after 1990.

He said this while talking to journalists at his Rangpur residence "Pollinibash". He said none of the opposition parties have played its role in the parliament since then while violence and arson have been rampant and people have been killed although a democratic government could not be established in the country. Ershad also claimed that the politicians are blinded by their arrogance of power and everybody wants to grab the seat of power. The former dictator concluded that nobody was bothered about the plight of the common people.

Crying for Help

FBCCI president Kazi Akramuddin Ahmed told journalists at a press conference held at the National Press Club that after failing

to stop the political instability with rallies, discussions and dialogue the business community has now resorted to crying. He said, "We have organized rallies, taken to the street, held many discussions. We have even talked to foreign diplomats. But nothing has worked for us. So now we have asked Maulana Fariduddin Masud to pray for us and are crying before Allah so that He will convince those who are creating divisions in the country to change their minds." He asked whether those who are conducting the anti-government movement have been able to make a dent on the government whereas the economy has been seriously hurt.

Two Angry Pirs

Independent parliament member Haji Selim believes that there are two angry pirs in the country, one of them

being Sheikh Hasina and another being Khaleda Zia. He said that the situation would drastically change if either of them is touched. Selim reminded that 1/11 could succeed after it touched them. He asked in the parliament how much time it should take for the arrest warrant against Khaleda to reach the concerned police station. He then quipped that 2001 warrants against him and others used to reach the respective police stations in the blink of an eye.

It was Wrong to Trust Hasina

According to BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia, the election of January 5, 2014 under the fifteenth amendment

has killed democracy in the country. She said on the eve of that election Awami League had said that it would be an election to satisfy the constitutional continuity and a proper election would be held afterwards. Khaleda said, as usual Sheikh Hasina has broken her promise. Khaleda added that it was because of that promise that her party had decided to call off the resistance movement. She also said it was once again proved that one could not trust Sheikh Hasina. The BNP chairperson mentioned it during her recent press briefing on the prevailing political situation in the country held at her Gulshan office.

One Suffers Less When Shot to Death

The liberation war affairs minister AKM Mozammel Haque said that people suffer less when they are shot to death. He said

Khaleda Zia is killing people with petrol bombs and the survivors are left to suffer in the burn unit. The minister said this is very painful. He was speaking at a meeting of Shramik Peshajibi Samannoy Parishad at the BMA auditorium when he further added that Awami League is running the government with people's mandate and BNP is envious of the fact that Khaleda Zia's Pakistan has become a failed state and Bangladesh has been making steady progress.

Hitler, Mussolini Humbled by Hasina

Former president and Bikalpadhara chairman AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury has blamed prime minister Sheikh Hasina for

being the root cause of the ongoing political crisis in the country. He said even Hitler and Mussolini have failed before her. Chowdhury was speaking at a meeting organized by Bangladesh Civil Rights Society at National Press Club when he resented that the government has deprived people of their sleep at night. He said the prime minister had mentioned the January 5 election as a formality and now she has forgotten what she said. The former president then said that while Hasina talks about Islam in her every breath she has forgotten that Allah is the witness to what she had said. He asked what kind of democracy it was when nobody but the illegitimate government was safe in the country.

The Country is Burning

The aamir of Islami Andolan Bangladesh and pir of Charmonai, Mufti Syed Mohammad Rezaul Karim, has warned

that the prevailing political unrest has thrown the country into a blazing fire. He said that the political crisis has turned the lives of common people unbearable and many of them are spending their days half-fed or unfed. Mufti Karim said it at an emergency meeting at the central office of his party in Purana Paltan. He said the children of Adam are getting burnt everyday in the fire of political vengeance and public safety system has collapsed. He added that development, production and the economy have come to a halt while the education and medical systems are under threat. He said terrorist activities of tender-seekers, extortionists and forcible occupiers have made life unbearable for the people.

Salahuddin Sent Underground by Khaleda!

Awami League presidium member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim is convinced that BNP's joint secretary general

Salahuddin Ahmed used to provoke the saboteurs through his video messages under the shelter of Khaleda Zia. He said Khaleda has now come up with a new drama by sending Salahuddin underground. Selim insisted that the government knew nothing about Salahuddin's disappearance and only Khaleda can tell where she is hiding him. He made his remarks while opening the newly constructed girls' dormitory of Sheikh Fazilatunnessa Government Women's College in Goplaganj.


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Rape is an accompaniment of war when both the victors and the vanquished extend their fury to perversion. It has happened throughout history and hardly any war has been fought when the advancing or retreating soldiers did not rape women along their paths. Women have always had to bear the brunt of conflicts amongst men, be it in ...


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Analyzing BNP

Analyzing BNP

Khaleda Zia remains the spearhead of the movement when most of her senior party ...



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The Growth Paradox

The Growth Paradox

All indicators suggest that the ongoing political turmoil is undercutting econom...

Putting Principle above Cash

Putting Principle above Cash

Europe has stood up to Saudi Arabia and refused to sell arms to the kingdom in p...



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