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First News, the first and only weekly newsmagazine in Bangladesh, is now into the SEVENTH year of its publication. The magazine has been coming out every Sunday since July 11, 2010 Previous

No Unity Between a Deer and a Hyena


Agriculture minister Matiya Chowdhury compared Awami League with a deer and BNP with a hyena before she said that there cannot be unity between these two animals. While speaking on the occasion of the National Mourning Day on August 13 at the Krishibid Institution in the capital, the minister said that BNP has now fallen into a difficult situation and it is regretting what it has got itself into.

Militants Want to Die Instead of Opening Their Mouths


Inspector general of police, AKM Shahidul Haque, has said that it is very difficult to get the militants to talk. Talking from the experience of interrogating several militants, he said that they are motivated in such a way that they want to die and go to heaven instead of revealing any information. Haque was speaking at a seminar on August 6 when he informed that the militants do not want to live once they are taken into police custody.

Khaleda Zia to Face Grave Consequences


Shipping minister Shahjahan Khan has warned that BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia will have to face grave consequences should there be a terrorist attack in the country again. He said, “Khaleda Zia, you do not know what serious consequences are awaiting you should there be another terrorist attack in the country again.” Khan said it while addressing an anti-terrorism rally organized by the Government Employees’ Welfare Federation on August 10 held in Dhaka.

No Alternative to Midterm Elections


Liberal Democratic Party leader Oli Ahmed has demanded midterm elections and said that there is no other alternative to resolve the political crisis prevailing in the country. He said it while talking to the media people on August 13 when he further said that his party wanted free, fair and neutral parliamentary elections that would be attended by all the political parties in the country. Ahmed expressed his hope that the government would take necessary steps to make that happen. He said there is no other way to maintain political stability in the country and keep the people in confidence.

No Bribe, No Allocation


Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation, AZM Nasir Uddin, has complained that his city is not getting adequate allocation because he refuses to bribe the ministry officials. He was speaking at a meeting in Chittagong on August 10 when he said that he got an allocation of BDT800 million instead of BDT3-3.5 billion just because he did not give kickbacks. He added that he was told that a lumpsum allocation would be made for the city corporation provided he agreed to pay 5 percent of that amount to the officials.

Country Like Ramkrishna Mission


Health minister Mohammad Nasim claimed that the leaders and workers of Awami League were unprepared due to their temptation for power until the assassination of Bangabandhu and his family in 1975. He then said that Awami League will never again show that same weakness. The minister then added that the party did not come to power to run the country like the Ramkrishna Mission. He asked everybody to stay alert. He was speaking at a discussion meeting held on August 8 at Dhaka University when he warned that nobody will be spared should there be an attack on Awami League ever again.

“Why Did You Speak in English?”


Food minister Qamrul Islam expressed his dissatisfaction when ten discussants, an audience of nearly a hundred people and the moderator spoke mostly in English in a seminar which was attended by a single foreigner. He questioned the relevance of giving remarks in English at this event and said, “I feel sad and aggrieved that such a excellent program has been organized for the benefit of the common people. But why did you have to speak in English at this function? Why do you have such a mentality?” He also asked why the function had to be conducted in a foreign language just because the country was taking a loan from the World Bank. The minister made his comments at a seminar jointly organized by the Food Ministry and Madina Polymar.

“BNP’s New Committee is Joke of the Year”


Road transportation and bridges minister Obaidul Qader has termed the newly formed committee of BNP as the joke of the year. The minister was addressing a student gathering on Dhaka University campus on August 7 when he also said that it will be nothing but a nightmare to try to save democracy with the help of such a jumbosized committee. In his reaction to Khaleda Zia’s call for national unity against militancy, Qader asked how it was possible to forge national unity when on August 15 his party mourns while she celebrates her birthday by cutting cake. The minister’s comment followed after BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir announced the 502-member committee at the party’s central office in Naya Paltan.

“Shafiullah is a Coward”


While reminiscing about the atrocities committed on August 15, 1975 Awami League leader Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim bitterly criticized the then army chief KM Shafiullah. He complained that Shafiullah sat on his hands after he was told that some army officers with tanks had headed for Bangabandhu’s residence. Selim said nobody could keep well after betraying Bangabandhu. He said it has been true neither for Ziaur Rahman nor for Khaled Musharraf. He said that Shafiullah was a living dead and everybody hates him because he is a coward and traitor. While speaking at the FBCCI Conference Room in Motijheel, Selim emphasized on August 11 that Shafiullah would have to live with the burden of hatred for as long as he stays alive.

Khaleda Zia’s Call for Unity


BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir insisted that there was no scope for creating confusion over Khaleda Zia’s call for unity against militancy. He said at a discussion held on August 13 that Khaleda’s call had come from her heart and it had arisen out of a sense of national responsibility. Alamgir also added that Khaleda did not think of partisan interest while making this call and complained that Awami League had never responded to the call for protecting this nation which is why they are ignoring Khaleda’s call for unity. He accused Awami League of working to keep this nation divided.



n the most comprehensive sense of the word, culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe, and material objects and possessions acquired by a group of people over several generations through individual and group striving. Every society has its own culture, meaning that it is influenced by the cumulative deposit of its own elements that gives it food habit, language, music, living conditions, social cohesion, and creative energy that make the people living in that ...

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The Changing Course

C ulture is the assortment of the conducts and lifestyles of a nation. Traditions, customs, beliefs, principles, ethics, morality, etc. are the main components of a culture. The culture of every nation is made of these distinctive elements. While some cultures share many semblances...

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In the Company of the Pretentious

O ne ought to be in the company of pretentious people sometimes. It is most wonderful hearing them propound on the state of the world. There is a clear lack of clarity in their thoughts, or there are no thoughts in them at all. But that does not hold them back from pronouncing judgment on nearly everything under the sun. Do we complain about the presence of such people around us...

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Rio 2016 in Numbers

On August 5, Rio de Janeiro will become the first city in South America to stage the Olympic Games. These will also be the firstever Olympic Games staged in South America ...


Children try to push an injured dolphin back into the water after it washed ashore during bad weather and high tide in Cilacap, Indonesia


Black Lives Matter is an activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence toward black people, but the growing numbers of terrorist attacks, multiplying wars, persistent poverty in many countries, famine, drought and, above all, insisting politics make many people wonder if their lives matter


Beckon of Blue Economy

The maritime boundaries of Bangladesh secured after two international lawsuits are lying unutilized due to lack of adequate initiatives ...

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Buckling Under Bad Loans

New banks have piled up bad loans, some more than others, as irregularities and aggressive lending force them to compromise standards in an increasingly competitive market...

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Fireworks for Fidel

The Cuban people celebrated the 90th birthday of their iconic leader, who is synonymous with their identity and pride ...

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"I am worried that it may become difficult for me to carry out my duties as the symbol of the state with my whole being as I have done until now." --Japanese emperor Akihito said in a speech, which is viewed as a signal of a possible future abdication


"It is an obligation for me as prime minister of Pakistan to become the voice of Kashmiris who have been oppressed in Kashmir.” --Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif said he would "leave no stone unturned" to make the world understand the "plight" of the people in the Kashmir Valley


"In many respects, you know, they honor president Obama. He is the founder of ISIS." --Donald Trump, the Republican Party nominee for the US presidential race, accused US president Barack Obama of founding the Islamic State Group and his Democratic Party opponent Hillary Clinton of being its co-founder


“I am a Deputy Speaker.” --Weeks after a ruling releasing her from years of detention, former president of Philippines Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said she was poised to take her post as one of the House leaders


“I think I will pass on that question. Whatever answer I give will be problematic, so I will just pass.” --Reserve Bank of India’s outgoing governor Raghuram Rajan replied after he was asked to describe prime minister Narendra Modi in an interview with BBC

Mobile Phones Causing Presbyopia at an Early Age

The excessive use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets is causing presbyopia at an early stage. The eye disorder typically occurs in middle and old age and is caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye. According to doctors, over 65 percent of the people suffering from presbyopia, or long-sightedness, in their early 30s in India, ...

Seventy Percent of IS Fighters in Afghanistan are from Pakistan

Almost 70% of the fighters of the Islamic State in Afghanistan are from the ranks of the Pakistani Taliban who have switched allegiance to the group led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a top US Army general has said. The IS formed its “Wilayah Khorasan” – a branch encompassing Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India – in January last year and numerous that members of several Pakistan-based jihadi groups have defected to it. General John W Nicholson, the commander of the US forces........

The Great Sulfur Burning

The Al-Mishraq Sulfur State Company had a sulfur plant located near Mosul, Iraq. On June 24, 2003, a fire broke out. On average, the fire produced 21,000 tons of sulfur dioxide per day. To compare, that is about half of what America – the largest pollutant country in the world – emits daily from gasoline. The Al-Mishraq fire lasted for a month, and by the end, it put more poisonous sulfur dioxide into the ecosystem than most volcanic eruptions.....

Elvis Presley Almost Choked Himself to Death With Drugs

to Death With Drugs Late rocker Elvis Presley's drug addiction almost caused him to choke to death, his stepbrother David E. Stanley has revealed. Elvis died in 1977 at 42. Decades later, it has become well-known that Presley's final years were filled with drug use. In "My Brother Elvis: The Final Years", a new memoir by David, the extent of the late music star's substance abuse is outlined in shocking detail. David became Elvis's road bodyguard when he.......


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