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The Vanishing Girls

The Vanishing Girls

Young girls, who came to the capital in search of a livelihood, fell into the clutches of organized prostitution and…

Do Dead Palestinians Matter?

Do Dead Palestinians Matter?

War planes bombed Gaza, killing at least 620 Palestinians in the first fourteen days as Israeli prime minister disregarded worldwide…

GSP Restoration Rain-Checked

GSP Restoration Rain-Checked

The Obama administration in its latest review refused to restore the GSP facility claiming Bangladesh failed to implement some of…

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Spoken at Home
Khaleda's Blunt Weapons

Commerce minister Tofail Ahmed has observed that every movement needs to have a weapon and all of Khaleda Zia's

weapons have become blunt. While distributing clothes amongst the poor people in Bhola, Ahmed said that Khaleda Zia is free to give threats of midterm elections but she will not be able to take steps to remove the government from power because this government has been elected by the democratic method. The minister also announced that the government has got the mandate to rule for five years and the next election will be held only 90 days before January 29, 2019.

Finance Minister Ruins Everything

Awami League presidium member Suranjit Sengupta has bitterly criticized the finance minister for financial scams such

as Hallmark, Destiny, Sonali Bank and Basic Bank involving billions of taka. Sengupta said that these scams have happened one after another and he did not understand what the central bank and the finance ministry were doing all that time. He quipped that it is never safe to say anything to the finance minister because he would say words like 'rubbish' and ruin everything. He said this is not what the nation expected from the central bank and the finance ministry and wondered why the chairman and the managing director of Basic Bank were not arrested yet.

Hasinacracy Not Democracy

BNP standing committee member Goyeshwar Chandra Roy has said that whenever people get the opportunity to

vote it is not Awami League's luck to get those votes. Roy further said that people want to drive out Awami League, they want to banish it. He added that if given the chance to vote, people are going to do exactly that. Speaking at a roundtable at the National Press Club he said that the country is now being run by an autocrat and it can be called Hasinacracy not democracy.

This Country Belongs to All

Senior vice chairman of BNP, Tarique Zia, said that while everybody is entitled to have his or her own party, opinion,

ideology and philosophy, the country belongs to all. He said the country does not belong to anyone in particular and it is not anyone's paternal property. While addressing an Iftar Party in London Zia also added that due to changes in global politics and for its geographic positioning Bangladesh is a land of boundless opportunities.

Ground Shaking under Government's Feet

BNP's joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said that Begum Khaleda Zia has called for political movement after Eid

and the 20-party alliance must be prepared for it even if it leads to confrontations. He warned that the government does not realize the ground is shaking under its feet. Rizvi made his comments at a press briefing at the central party office in Nayapaltan when he also said that the government is trying to stay in power using guns and sticks.

Cost of Suppressing BNP Movement

Minister for disaster management and relief, Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya, has said that it will cost only 100 taka

to 150 taka to suppress the BNP movement. He said one cannot mobilize a movement by talking loud about it and his party does not believe in talking loud about political movements and elections. Maya insisted that it would be enough to suppress any BNP movement if he makes 100 taka to 150 taka worth of calls from his mobile phone.

Looking for Talpatti

Responding to BNP's criticism over Talpatti Island, agriculture minister Matiya Chowdhury said that Khaleda Zia has been

making too much noise even after Bangladesh got four-fifths of the maritime boundary in its lawsuit against India. She asked Khaleda to take a dive into the water and look for Talpatti. The minister said the government would pay all expenses for taking divers to the spot. She said Khaleda should do that to see what she could find. The minister said it while addressing a crowd in her constituency in Sherpur.

Awami League to Meet Brazil's Fate

BNP vice chairman Abdullah Al Noman predicted that if elections are held under a caretaker government in level

playing field then Awami League would meet the same miserable fate as Brazil did in World Cup. Noman was addressing a party meeting at Halishahar in Chittagong when he also said that Sheikh Hasina's illegitimate government would not last long by harassing and persecuting the opposition. He added that there is no alternative to toppling the government through a mass movement and Khaleda Zia would announce programs after Eid for restoration of democracy and people's right to vote.

Not Even a Hair Will Stir

Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs minister Anisul Haque does not think that the threat of political movement issued by

BNP leader Khaleda Zia is going to even stir a hair in his body. The minister was inaugurating power connection in a village in Kasba upazila when he remarked that the people of Bangladesh have seen a lot of things like Pakistan army, Rajakars, Al Shams and they thumbed their noses and threw them into the rivers. Haque accused the BNP chairperson for doing everything needed to destroy the country.

Calling the Shipping Minister

Shipping minister Shahjahan Khan asked launch passengers to call him on the mobile should they face any problem while

traveling on the event of the Eid. He made this appeal to passengers while he was visiting the arrangements in Madaripur. The minister assured that representatives of various organizations besides the administration will be available to help the passengers during the Eid season. He also said that people should be able to call the control room and ask for help.

Giving Talpatti to Delhi

JAGPA chief Shafiul Alam Prodhan has accused the government of giving the Talpatti Island to Delhi as a gift in

return for putting it in power through a voterless election. He said this government has also given away Berubari and Tin Bigha corridors to Delhi in the same manner. Prodhan was speaking at a gathering in Panchagarh when he urged people from Teknaf to Tetulia to prepare for mass uprising against this slavery minded oppressive government.

Hybrid Leaders Dominate Awami League Politics

Minister for Social Welfare, Syed Mohsin Ali, claimed that the Awami League politics in Moulavibazar is currently dominated

by hybrid leaders, which is why many of the real leaders like him now feel deprived. Ali said that prime minister Sheikh Hasina has evaluated the dedicated leaders and honored him by making him a full minister from Moulavibazar. He said Hasina works for the well-being of the people and her government's main objective is to build a developed nation.


My astral friend Sitara Parveen . . .

It has been more than nine years since I last spoke to my good friend Sitara Parveen. These days, every time I remember her, it is an old image of her that comes alive. There she is, in the corridors of the English Department at Dhaka ...



Bangladesh has expanded 1.8 times since the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Netherlands in its verdict on July 7 demarcated the disputed maritime boundary for the country which for many years was being contested by Myanmar and India. The dispute with Myanmar was settled earlier by the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea based in Hamburg on March 15, 2012. Now that the settlement against India has been done, Bangladesh has gained an additional 118,813 square kilometers of territory in the sea, which is over 80 percent of its original area of 147,570 kilometers

It brings a great sense of relief to one of the most crowded and congested countries in ...


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The Vanishing Girls

The Vanishing Girls

Young girls, who came to the capital in search of a livelihood, fell into the cl...

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GSP Restoration Rain-Checked

GSP Restoration Rain-Checked

The Obama administration in its latest review refused to restore the GSP facilit...

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Do Dead Palestinians Matter?

Do Dead Palestinians Matter?

War planes bombed Gaza, killing at least 620 Palestinians in the first fourteen ...

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