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First News, the first and only weekly newsmagazine in Bangladesh, is now into the SIXTH year of publication. The magazine has been coming out every Sunday since July 11, 2010

No Reason Why Students Should Fail


While describing various steps taken by her government, prime minister Sheikh Hasina said that there is no reason why the students should fail in the examinations. She said the government has created many opportunities in the education sector and it is possible to pass examinations if students concentrate on their studies. Hasina gave her remarks on May 11 when the SSC results were being handed over to her.

The Scope of a Constitutional Crisis


BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir expressed his concern that the rift between parliament and the judiciary could lead to a constitutional crisis in the country. He said it while addressing a protest rally held at Reporters Unity’s Sagar-Runi auditorium on May 14. Alamgir urged the government to resolve this crisis through dialogue. He also emphasized on the need for national elections under a neutral, caretaker government as a way to defuse the crisis.

Coming Back to Power


Jatiya Party chairman, HM Ershad, has said that everybody knows how the country is being run right now. He said the country cannot run like this when terrorism, murder, militancy and extortion have skyrocketed. Ershad insisted that this situation must change and that change can come only through his party, which is why he would like to come back to power one more time. He also added that he would like to be used by others as a ladder for their climb to power.

“I Run This Campus”


Chhatra League VP of Islamic University, Mizanur Rahman Mizu, and his followers threatened vice chancellor of the university, Dr. Abdul Hakim, saying: “This campus will run as per my wish. I shall open it as I wish and also shut it down as I wish. I am going to shut it down right now and let me see how you run it.” Witnesses and teachers of the university who were present in the vice chancellor’s room said that two assistant registrars of the university were expelled because of their involvement in an attack carried out on certain university officials and vandalism. The Chhatra League demanded that those two registrars must be reinstate to their jobs.

Khaleda Takes Money from ISI


While calling BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia an agent of Pakistan, prime minister’s son Sajib Wazed Joy has claimed that the BNP leader has regularly taken money from ISI people to conduct elections. He said in a facebook posting that Khaleda Zia appointed war criminals as cabinet ministers and Pakistan had recently taken sides with Khaleda Zia when it raised the Bangladesh situation at a commonwealth meeting. He then quoted a diplomat who said that Pakistan’s proposal at that meeting was not acceptable to representatives of other countries.

The Country is Sinking into Darkness


BNP chairperson, Begum Khaleda Zia, bitterly criticized the government and said that illegitimate power grabbing has as if given the ruling elite the license for despotism. She added that they are sinking the country into the darkness of depravity. Zia said as if that s not enough, they are ruthlessly persecuting the civil servants who refuse to follow their orders. She said there is no alternative to a national election participated by all to put an end to the miseries of despotism and anarchy prevailing in the country. She made her comments in a written statement sent to the media on May 12.

Terrorism Rises Where Democracy is Suppressed


BNP’s standing committee member and convenor of Dhaka Metropolitan Committee, Mirza Abbas, urged his party leaders and workers to remain vigilant against the mischievous intentions of Awami League. He asked those who did not participate in the previous movements to stop taking rest and take to the street for the sake of their own survival. He said that Awami League has a reason behind issuing chargesheets against Khaleda Zia, because they do not do anything without an ulterior motive.

Terrorism Holding Back Tourism


Civil aviation and tourism minister Rashed Khan Menon blamed the spread of religious terrorism worldwide for being a drag on the tourism in Bangladesh. He said that Bangladesh no longer suffers from an image crisis on account of poverty, natural disaster and tidal waves but its tourism sector has been hit by growing militancy across the world. Menon added that eventhough the situation in Bangladesh is not comparable to that in Afghanistan or Pakistan, the perception outside is that the risk of terrorism exists in Bangladesh. The minister made his comments at a discussion held by Aviation and Tourism Journalists Forum, Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh and Association of Travel Agents Bangladesh held on May 12.

Impartial Journalism is Impossible


Prime minister’s information adviser Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury believes that while journalists must be impartial, in some cases they do not have the liberty of being so. Chowdhury added that impartiality is impossible when independence and sovereignty of the country is at a stake, when democracy is under threat from inauspicious forces, and when people are burned to death in the name of politics. He said that it is the time when the journalists must write in favor of independence, sovereignty and democracy. The adviser said it at a reception accorded to editor Rahat Khan in Kishoreganj on May 13.

Image of Police Tarnished by a Few


Inspector general of police, AKM Shahidul Haque, announced that police would practice zero tolerance when it comes to drugs. He said that the image of police has been tarnished a few members of the force who use drugs and are involved in the trade. He was speaking at Manikganj Police Line on May 13 where he inaugurated the newly-built barracks for female police.



eraclitus said that you cannot step into the same river twice, because other waters are continually flowing on. It is so true for the villages of Bangladesh, as almost none of them can be found in their original form since so much change has come to them. Those who remember their villages two to three decades ago will admit that there has been a quiet transformation. The villages are catching up with cities, some of them hard to recognize because of the inexorable infrastructural changes that have happened since independence. ....

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B angladesh has come a long way from its war- torn, natural disaster and famine- ridden past. Technological advancement is changing our lifestyle rapidly, and the winds of change...

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Passion, Melody . . . And Nazrul

W hen you think of passion, you think of Nazrul. You travel back to his loud denunciation of man’s injustice to man, passion which brings out, always, the rebel in him. You tread softly on the wet grass, in thoughts of your beloved, your song enhancing the beauty...

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Between Cricket and Thirst

A court ruling ordered BCCI to shift IPL matches out of Maharashtra to save water in the drought-stricken Indian state...


Australian Kim Tucci, 26, give birth to her four daughters and one son in two minutes, but
a team of 50 doctors and nurses assisted with the planned caesarean. The chances of
conceiving quintuplets naturally are about one in 55 million.


HBO comedian John Oliver eviscerated 'serial liar' Donald Trump on Last Week Tonight
and claimed that the website PolitiFact checked 77 of his statements, and rated 76 percent
of them as varying degrees of false


Women in Bangladeshi Cinema

Instead of treating them as equals of men, Bangladeshi cinema is more focused on the portrayal of women’s glamor, sex appeal and beauty than their acting talents...

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Water Worries

The World Bank has warned that water shortages worldwide are likely to significantly affect the global economy by 2050

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Rohingya or Bengalis?

The US ambassador rejected Myanmar's plea to call Rohingya ‘Bengalis’ because communities have the right to decide what they are going to be called...

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``She is married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics.'' --Republican Party candidate for the US presidential race, Donald Trump, said while speaking at a pair of rallies in Washington state on May 7 where he repeatedly assailed the woman he has dubbed ``Crooked Hillary''


“Nakal ke liye bhi akal ki jarurat hai (One needs brains even to copy).” --India’s Aam Admi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal said after he claimed that Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s BA degree was a “fake” and that it belonged to a person of the same name from Alwar, Rajasthan


"It is with India, and not with any other country, that we have a roti-beti ka rishta." --Nepal's ambassador to India Deep Upadhyay said while criticizing politicians in his country who kept talking about China without realizing the significance of Nepal's "unique relationship" with India


“A huge scare was inflicted on Pakistan when Pakistan got 33 percent of the British Indian army but only 17 percent of the GDP. The consequence was that Pakistan elite decided to rule Pakistan by creating a constant fear of India.” --Husain Haqqani, former Pakistan envoy to the US, told Times of India


"There is no longer an excuse for those who insist on division and disputes now that the whole world has mobilized against Muslims." --Hamza bin Laden, 23-year-old son of Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, in an audio message posted online when he also urged the Jihadists in Syria to unite

A Rogue Revolution

Cambodia celebrated the fortieth anniversary of Khmer Rouge revolution that had turned its capital into a ghost...

New Apple App Pays People to Get Fit

A free smartphone app that will pay people to be physically active was launched on May 11 in Britain, with users given digital "sweatcoins" depending on how many steps they take that can be exchanged for rewards or traded like money. It is the latest initiative in an emerging fitness economy that includes all manner of monitoring devices, apps that reward activity with vouchers and even experiments in offering cheap insurance to people who can demonstrate they exercise. Sweatcoin aims to ....

Only German Targets in North

Little Bell Island in Newfoundland and Labrador’s Conception Bay were fired on by German submarines during World War II. Although their names are unfamiliar to most of us, Little Bell Island had an iron mine with the world’s richest iron ore. The Germans were there to sink Allied ships which tried to transport some of that useful iron. Unless one counts a few islands on the tail end of the Aleutian chain, Little Bell Island and Conception Bay were ....

Margot Honecker, Widow of East Germany’s Last Leader, Dies at 89

Margot Honecker, a much-reviled minister of education who required mandatory courses in socialist ideals and military tactics in the former East Germany, ruled during its final 18 years of existence by her husband, Erich Honecker, died May 6 in Chile, where she had spent the past 24 years in exile. She was 89. During her 26 years as the chief architect of East Germany’s educational system, Margot shaped a generation of young minds and, in the ....


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