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Hunger Reduced in Bangladesh

Hunger Reduced in Bangladesh

Several Southeast Asian and South Asian countries showed dramatically improved scores since 1990, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Bangladesh…

SAARC Economy

SAARC Economy

Rate of progress for regional integration amongst SAARC countries has been very slow compared to other initiatives around the world…

Bad Loans on Rugged Roads

Bad Loans on Rugged Roads

BDT440 billion in default loans is locked in litigation as 56 banks in the country struggle with the legal process…

Ebola Out of Control

Ebola Out of Control

The delayed response has got a fast growing epidemic spiraling out of control and it may be too late to…

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Awami League is Irreligious

BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia has accused Awami League of showing false secularism. She said, in reality that

party does not believe in any religion. Khaleda made her comments while meeting members of the Hindu community on the occasion of Shuvo Bijaya. She further stated that the Awami League has been hurting people of all religious denominations and nobody is safe in its hand. The BNP leader also added that Awami League leaders have occupied most of the Hindu land since independence and they were involved in the killing of Bishwajit and Chandan Sarker. She said these Awami League leaders often ask Hindus why they support BNP and ridicule them as Hindu rajakars.

Sheikh Hasina is a Curse

Joint secretary general of BNP, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, has said that prime minister Sheikh Hasina is a curse not only for the

country but also for her party. He was briefing journalists at the central office of his party at Nayapaltan when he insisted that this government has to step down because its rule is increasingly becoming painful for the people. Rizvi argued that the Awami League has created a dangerous situation in the country through murder, bloodshed and violence and he also blamed the prime minister for destroying all the institutions in the country.

"Allah, Forgive My Elder Brother"

Krishak Shramik Janata League president, Kader Siddiky, has said that his elder brother and former minister, Abdul

Latif Siddiky, is not related to him. He however told journalists at the National Press Club that since blood relations cannot be bought from the market, he would like to request his elder brother to ask for forgiveness of the people and the Creator. Siddiky also pleaded to Allah that He should forgive his brother. He also asked Allah to guide the prime minister because, while Bangabandhu honored him with Bangabir and other titles, she has called him a descendant of a crazy family.

Fall of Government by December

National Democratic Front chairman, Sheikh Shaukat Hossain Nilu, has claimed that a number of BNP leaders have

told him that the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, is going to call two persons by December. One of these two persons is the police chief and another is the army chief. Nilu added that those BNP leaders told him that the police and the army will become inactive after the phone call and the government is going to fall immediately afterwards. He was speaking at the Dhaka Metropolitan City convention of his party at Dhaka Reporters Unity.

No Militant Outfit in the Country

According to state minister for home, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, Bangladesh does not have any militant outfit on its

soil. Neither is there any camp of JMB. He said this to journalists at Banglabandh zero point in Tetulia while returning from his inspection of the Fulbari border post. The minister further said that his government would not allow anybody to carry out terrorist activities inside the country or in neighboring India. Kamal also said that the Indian government is yet to inform whether the two terrorists who were killed in the bomb blast in West Bengal are Bangladeshi citizens.

Prime Minister's Ancestors were Preachers

Awami League's publicity and publication secretary, Hasan Mahmud, informed that prime minister Sheikh

Hasina's ancestors had come from Arabia to preach Islam in this country. He said the prime minister is a devout Muslim and she does not hesitate to take action against anybody who makes derogatory remarks against Islam. He was speaking at a function of Swadhinata Parishad when Mahmud also said that the Awami League believes in the freedom of every religion and likewise it is determined to defend the dignity of Islam. He claimed that BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia is surrounded by some atheists who write her speeches. He accused BNP of forming an alliance with those who treat religion like a trade.

The Potential of Socrates

The recently sacked minister, Abdul Latif Siddiky, told a vernacular daily over the telephone that he was not going to

budge from his position and has remained unflinching in his belief. He said he was going to say harsher things in future and is ready to accept any punishment given to him. Siddiky said he will be a heretic and he does not have any chance of becoming a prime minister or a president of the country. He further said he has the potential of becoming a Socrates.

Certificate Distribution Center

Acting BNP secretary general, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, has termed the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) a

mere certificate distribution center for corrupt ministers and leaders of the ruling party. He said that the ministers and lawmakers of this government have been misappropriating bil- lions of public money since it came to power through a conspiracy in 2008. Alamgir said that they plun- dered nearly 1,000 billion taka from the share market alone. He complained that while ACC has been clearing ruling party leaders from all charges, it is filing case after case against BNP leaders.

Those Who are Age Handicapped

State minister for social welfare, Pramod Mankin, has termed the deputy commander of the liberation forces, AK

Khandker, and recently sacked minister, Abdul Latif Siddiky, age-handicapped. He was speaking at a meeting at the National Press Club, when he also said that a handicap can come in many forms and one can be mentally handicapped while one can be physically handicapped. Mankin said that Khandker did not hear it with his own ears but wrote in his book that Bangabandhu said "Joy Pakistan" in his March 7 speech. Regarding Siddiky, the minister exclaimed that how could a believer say something like what he did.

The Hazard of Identical Names

It is stale news that the railway minister, Mujibul Haque, is ready to get married at the age of 67. But the latest is that it

has been threatening to jeopardize the conjugal life of the state minister for labor. He has said that their identical names have caused him many embarrassments already. State minister for labor Mujibul Haque Chunnu mentioned this in the cabinet meeting when prime minister Sheikh Hasina asked the railway minister about his marriage plans. He said his relatives from Canada and the United States have called him and his wife to find out if he was getting married again.


Home Thoughts in Foreign Land

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Trade relationship between Bangladesh and India remains a persistent issue that has a lot of potential for both countries but has been a source of much contention between them. Until recently, India was the largest exporter to Bangladesh although that status has now gone to China. But the trade gap between the two countries is heavily tilted in favor of India, which shows that Bangladesh can still gain a great deal as an exporting country if it works towards having a trade balance with India.

Indian businesses have been looking at Bangladesh as a market for several decades, but their Bangladeshi counterparts ...


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Inhibitions and Inactions

Rate of progress for regional integration amongst SAARC countries has been very ...

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Bad Loans on Rugged Roads

BDT440 billion in default loans is locked in litigation as 56 banks in the count...



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Ebola Out of Control

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