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The Endangered Forest

The Endangered Forest

The government's decision to build the Rampal power plant near the Sundarbans is going to destroy the world's largest mangrove…

Bush Knew about CIA Torture

Bush Knew about CIA Torture

Former vice president Dick Cheney told Fox News that his president was an integral part of the program and he…

Family Controlled Insurance Companies

Family Controlled Insurance Companies

Many of the insurance companies in the country are flouting regulations appointing more than two members from the same family…

Raising the First Bengali Battalion

Raising the First Bengali Battalion

A total of 98,700 Bengali people, both combatant and non-combatant, had joined the World War I and, aside from the…

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When Allah is the Savior

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina complained that BNP has been making one attempt after another to throw the

government out of power. But nobody can do harm when Allah is the savior. The prime minister said it in her address at the Krishibid Institute at Farmgate in the capital. Hasina said Khaleda Zia was no longer even the leader of the opposition but she has set schools on fire, killed innocent people, and did not even spare members of law-enforcement bodies. She mentioned the BNP-Jamaat alliance has also burned mosques and the holy Quran. The Awami League president further said the father of the nation, Bangabanbdhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, dreamt of a Bangladesh free from hunger and poverty which is what her goal is as well. She asked everyone to be watchful so that agents of Pakistan cannot come to power in this country.

Hanging Khaleda Ten Times

Information minister Hasanul Haque Inu said the government has not been oppressive towards Khaleda Zia because if

it were like that and wanted to be autocratic to hurt its enemy by taking the law into its own hands, then Khaleda Zia would have been hanged ten times over already. The minister made his remarks meeting journalists while visiting the teacher selection program in Bheramara. Haque said the government would say Khoda Hafiz and leave the day it becomes apparent the people want that, but it would not step down under threat from Khaleda Zia.

Abduction and Killing Like Pakistan Days

Jatiya Party chairman and special envoy to prime minister, Hussein Mohammad Ershad, has drawn a comparison between

the Pakistan days and the prevailing situation in Bangladesh. He said the Pakistan army carried out abduction and murder to make this country devoid of talent and it is the same culture which is now being enforced as well. He said 82 people have been killed and abducted in the last nine months. He made his comments before journalists during his visit to the National Mausoleum in Mirpur to pay tribute to martyred intellectuals.

Operation Successful, Patient Dead

Awami League advisory committee member, Suranjit Sengupta, has harshly criticized the concerned

departments of the government for their roles since the oil spill in the Sundarbans when the tanker capsized. He said in a meeting at the Engineers' Institute in the capital that the accident at the World Heritage site was not on account of the Shipping Ministry's failure, but its indifference, which was not desirable. The minister also mentioned that the BIWTA chairman who visited the site simplified the incident by saying that it was not a problem because the poor people would collect the oil and the government would buy it, as if he meant to say that the operation was successful although the patient was dead.

US to Blame for 1974 Famine

Agriculture minister Matia Chowdhury blamed the United States for the famine of 1974 in Bangladesh. She said despite

everything, the government wanted to import food grains with cash money in 1974 but the United States intercepted the ship carrying food grains and diverted it in another direction. The minister also added that the famine was created within a gap of fifteen days and the United States was responsible for it. Chowdhury was speaking at the triennial conference of Metropolitan Krishak League in Gazipur when she gave these remarks.

Curse of Allah on Hasina

BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia has warned that bad days lie ahead of Awami League when people are going to

crush its leaders if found on the streets. She targeted prime minister Sheikh Hasina when she said nobody will have to kill her because the curse of Allah is enough to finish her off. Zia said this government is not only devouring human lives but also devouring Bangladesh. She was speaking at a massive rally in Narayanganj when she also accused the government of destroying the Sundarbans in a planned manner. She further added that there is no democracy in the country, people do not enjoy their freedom of speech, and nobody is enjoying peace and happiness, even in this month of victory.

The Coffin of BNP's Movement

Road transport and bridges minister, Obaidul Quader, does not believe BNP has the strength to mobilize a political

movement because its coffin has been lowered into the grave a long time ago. He said BNP is wrong when it says democracy has been buried in its grave, because a party cannot oust the government from power when nobody takes to the street responding to its call. Quader was speaking as chief guest at a meeting held at TSC in Dhaka University.

Awami League will be Banished

BNP's acting secretary general, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, resented that the illegitimate government in the

country has snatched all the achievements of the previous government under the barrel of a gun. He was speaking at a meeting of Jatiyatabadi Mahila Dal when he protested the defamation suits filed against his party vice chairman, Tarique Zia, and said the government is afraid of his clean politics which is why it does not want to see Tarique back in politics. Alamgir further added that the government is filing lawsuit after lawsuit against Tarique but the day he returns to this country, millions of people will descend on the streets of Dhaka and that will also be the day when Awami League is banished.

No Rights Left for People

Khandaker Mahbub Hossain, vice chairman of Supreme Court Bar Council and advisor to BNP chairperson Begum

Khaleda Zia, made an appeal to the United Nations to examine the human rights situation in Bangladesh. He said there are no human rights left in the country and asked how a country that does not uphold democracy could also uphold human rights. Hossain also said that let alone human rights, the people of Bangladesh do not have any rights left because the country runs according to the wishes of Sheikh Hasina.

The Biggest Rajakar

Senior vice president of BNP, Tarique Rahman, said that although Awami League claims itself to be a party of the

freedom fighters, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman himself had banned this party by terming it as a party of thieves and sycophants. Rahman concluded that if Awami League indeed was a party of liberation fighters then Sheikh Mujib must be the biggest rajakar since he was the one who had banned it. He said the truth was that Awami League may have been a party from the liberation period, but it was not a party of the liberation fighters.


Finding the Meaning of Faith

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Human trafficking from Bangladesh includes men, women, and children who are forced into hard labor and prostitution, primarily in India and Pakistan. Men are trafficked to the Middle East and other countries through fraudulent employment offers. They are mostly exploited under conditions of forced labor or debt bondage.

But the biggest chunk of human trafficking involves women and children, who are lucky if they end up as domestic help, but most women and girls populate brothels in various cities abroad. Boys are put to employment in domestic service, factory and agricultural work, occasionally falling prey to ...


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The Endangered Forest

The Endangered Forest

The government's decision to build the Rampal power plant near the Sundarbans is...

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Missing in Action

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All in the Family

Many of the insurance companies in the country are flouting regulations appointi...

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Bush Knew about CIA Torture

Bush Knew about CIA Torture

Former vice president Dick Cheney told Fox News that his president was an integr...

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