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First News, the first and only weekly newsmagazine in Bangladesh, is now into the SEVENTH year of its publication. The magazine has been coming out every Sunday since July 11, 2010

Finding the Roots of Terrorism


While describing the attack on the Spanish restaurant in Gulshan as very unfortunate, prime minister Sheikh Hasina said that the roots of the criminals who supplied arms and ammunition to the terrorists would be found out. She said it to Japan’s state minister for foreign affairs, Seiji Kujara, who called on her on July 3. Hasina also said that the terrorists had earlier carried out assassinations targeting Hindu priests, Christian fathers and Buddhist monks, and many of those involved in those crimes have been arrested already. She affirmed that the terrorists will have no place in Bangladesh.

Capturing the Real Criminals


Professor of English Department in Dhaka University, Dr. Syed Manzurul Islam, commented that people have doubts whether the real criminals have been captured. He said that while the media is bringing all sorts of information, what people get to hear once those criminals are taken on remand is the police version of the story. Dr. Islam also said that people would not like to hear only the police version also that of the court as well.

Rule of Law is Riddled with Bullets


Jatiya Party chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad said that the rule of law in the country is not only questionable but also riddled with bullets. He called for a national dialogue involving all sides. Ershad made this call during a budget discussion in the parliament on June 28. He added that he would like to request the prime minister to hold a national dialogue with those who do not believe in terrorism and politics of arson.

Khaleda Zia Herself is a Militant


Health minister Mohammad Nasim, mentioning the BNP leader’s statement that there are many militants inside Awami League, said that the fact is, Khaleda Zia herself is a militant and there is no other militant in the country except her. The minister claimed that the country will be militant-free only if she is resisted. Nasim was speaking on the proposed budget in the parliament on June 28 when he emphasized that Khaleda Zia has become detached from people after Sheikh Hasina brought prosperity and growth for the people.

Government Not Interested in National Unity


BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir complained that the government is not keen to build national unity. He said national unity must be placed above everything under the prevailing situation in the country and when the government wants to impose conditions it means it does not want national unity. Alamgir said it while responding to a question about the comments made by certain ruling party leaders that BNP would have to disengage itself from Jamaat if BNP wants unity.

Ready for Discussion Anywhere Anytime


BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has urged the civil society to sit for discussions. She said she was ready to sit for discussion anywhere anytime if that helps the interests of the country. He asked the leaders and workers of her party to get united and launch a movement against the government without being afraid of abduction and murder, because they would not be safe if they kept silent. Khaleda was speaking at an Iftar Mehfil on June 30 when she also added that her party has both the courage and strength to take to the streets again.

“Respond to Call for Unity”


BNP standing committee member barrister Moudud Ahmed described the prevailing situation in the country as dangerous and asked the government to respond to Khaleda Zia’s call for national unity. He said that the unity must be built with the representatives of all classes of people and all organizations formed by civil society members. Moudud also expressed his concern over the volatile situation in the country due to rise of extremism and militancy in the country. He was speaking at a gathering in Old Dhaka on July 10 when he gave his remarks.

The Killing Festival


JSD president ASM Abdur Rab resented that Bangladesh has been turned into a fertile ground for killing, murder, abduction and persecution. He said killing has become a festival so much so that if the terrorists kill one, the government retaliates by killing ten. Rab made his remarks while speaking on the International Solidarity Day at the CIRDAP auditorium on June 26.

Government is Nurturing Militant Forces


BNP’s senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi complained that the government is nurturing the inauspicious forces of militancy. He said that people’s attention is being diverted to the activities of the militants to allay pressure on the government. He argued that this is the reason why the government actually feels relieved whenever the militants go into action. He made his comments at a press briefing on July 10 when he also claimed that the BNP secretary of Kashimari Union in Satkhira was killed in a socalled police shootout.

“Failed Only This One Time”


While commenting on the terrorist attack in Gulshan, prime minister’s son and her ICT affairs adviser Sajib Wazed Joy said that some people are accusing Awami League of negligence. He said the government has arrested almost all the killers of bloggers and foreign nationals in the last three years. Joy also said that in the last seven years the government has recovered arms and explosives almost every month. He then said nobody can have cent percent success and that “we have failed only this one time.”



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