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Housing Market in a Slump

Housing Market in a Slump

A staggering BDT200 billion is stuck in as many as 25,000 unsold flats across the country |…

APEC Endorses Free Trade Roadmap

APEC Endorses Free Trade Roadmap

The decision would bring integration to a new and higher level, benefit economies at various development stages across the Pacific…

Passing on the Baton

Passing on the Baton

Bangladesh is getting ready to graduate into a lower middle income country by 2021 on the way to becoming a…

Whitewashing Zimbabwe!

Whitewashing Zimbabwe!

Bangladesh's most emphatic moment in 14 years of Test cricket was seen by hardly 2,000 people |…

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Spoken at Home
Sore on the Nation's Body

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina categorized the 20-party alliance as a sore on the nation's body. She was addressing a reunion

rally of Jubo League, held at Suhrawardy Udyan to celebrate its 42nd founding anniversary. Hasina said those who committed crimes against humanity in 1971 are being tried and the judgments would be executed one by one, because that is what their victims would like to see. The prime minister urged the people to beware of the 20-party alliance and emphasized that nobody would be allowed to destroy democracy in the future. She added there was no doubt the killer Mostaq belonged to Awami League and Zia was his accomplice in the killing of Bangabandhu. She remarked this became evident when Mostaq appointed Zia as the army chief , after Bangabandhu's assassination.

BNP is a Party of Razakars

Prime minister's ICT adviser and son, Sajib Wazed Joy, has termed BNP, the party founded by sector commander

late Ziaur Rahman, as a party of razakars. He was speaking at a seminar on "The Spirit of Liberation War, Democracy, Development and Good Governance" at the Radisson Hotel when he also said that if BNP really wants to prove it is not a party of razakars, then it should dissolve its alliance. Joy added that BNP was a product of autocracy and blamed its founder Ziaur Rahman for rehabilitating razakars in independent Bangladesh.

Just Pass the Written Test and Leave the Viva to Us

Prime minister's political adviser, HT Imam, has come under fire after he assured Chhatra League leaders and

workers that their viva voce exams would be taken care of, once they successfully passed the BCS written exams. Imam was addressing them at Dhaka University's TSC auditorium when he said he would stand beside them and coach them if necessary. He added they should not only pursue education but also get involved in other sectors, including trade and commerce. He also promised to help them to the best of his abilities and to stay with them in the future as in the past, under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina.

Father of the Ruling Class

Noted researcher, politician, and columnist, Badruddin Umar, said that comments a prime minister's adviser

made at a meeting of the Chhatra League, indicated that nobody would get government jobs besides cadres of that student front. Umar also said those who are interested in flexing their muscles and not studying, join Chhatra League and soon, meritorious students will disappear from every sphere of life, be it administration or teachers at universities. He was speaking at the National Press Club when he observed that a class of people have plundered the wealth of this nation after its independence and hence, even if Sheikh Mujib could not be called the actual father of this nation, he could be called the father of the ruling class.

GSP and the Day of Judgment

Commerce minister Tofail Ahmed resented that the United States would not restore GSP facilities for

Bangladesh, even if the country kept on fulfilling US conditions until the Day of Judgment. The minister was speaking at a certificate distribution ceremony held at the CIRDAP auditorium when he informed that an action plan was worked out between Bangladesh and the USA after the Rana Plaza tragedy and the USA had inserted 16 conditions into that plan. Ahmed said that even after Bangladesh satisfied all of those conditions, GSP facilities have not been restored to it.

Swords and Shields

BNP chairperson, Begum Khaleda Zia, claimed a dreadful situation is prevailing in the country where the Awami League

government has turned abduction, murder, and death, into daily affairs. She said they are clinging to power by force and playing with the future of this country. Khaleda was speaking at a huge rally of the 20-party alliance in Kishoreganj where she also said neo-Mirzafars will not be tolerated and asked people to build resistance against them. She reminded people of swords and shields in the days of Isa Khan and asked them to wait for her call. She said the same Mirzafars killed Ziaur Rahman and are now planning to destroy BNP. She further added that this country also has Siraj ud-Daulahs like it has Mirzafars.

An Excited Woman

JSD president and information minister, Hasanul Haque Inu, has referred to BNP chairperson, Khaleda Zia, as "an excited

woman". He said one should not take into consideration what is said by this excited woman because she wants everyone to go back to the Middle Ages with swords and shields. Inu added that she wants to fight against the people of Bangladesh. He also quipped that little did she know that swords and shields were no longer in use. Inu made his remarks while distributing prizes at the annual sports meet of a school in Kushtia.

Sick Minds are Running the Government

Gonoforum president, Dr Kamal Hossain, has said those who are running the government are mentally unsound. He

urged everyone to pray in mosques, temples, churches, and other places of worship, for their speedy recovery. He was speaking at a meeting of Nagorik Oikko in Mirpur when Dr Hossain mentioned that nobody went to caste their votes in 153 constituencies and it would not be sufficient to call it a voterless election. He said people already know all too well those who are in the large parties, because these parties have nothing against wrongdoing, injustice, and mischief. The Gonoforum leader warned that the small would show in future what they are capable of doing, and they would do so by giving advance notice to the government.

"Arrest Me, I Dare You"

Krishak Shramik Janata League president, Kader Siddiky, has dared the government to arrest him. He said the

government would not last even a month in power after his arrest, and he (Kader Siddiky) would wear bangles if that did not prove to be true. Siddiky was speaking at a party meeting in Tangail when he said that Sheikh Hasina issued an arrest warrant against him because he called a razakar a razakar. He said he would go on calling a razakar a razakar as long as he lived. He also said that home, public meeting, and prison, were all the same to him. He asked his elder brother, Abdul Latif Siddiky, to beg forgiveness of Allah and join the gamcha, which is the emblem of his party.

Cabinet Like a Zoo

Bikalpadhara chairman, AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury, was speaking at the National Press Club on

the anniversary of National Solidarity Day when he said the statement given by the finance minister, that bribes or seed money were not illegal, was the lowliest comment of the year. He quipped that someday in the future, this minister would present a bribery budget before the country. He also called the social welfare minister "the slumber minister," and quipped that the manner in which he sleeps all the time, only leaves the fate of this nation in the hands of Allah only. He also mentioned the names of the information minister, railway minister, health minister, food minister, and former forestry minister, before he concluded that the cabinet looked more like a zoo than anything else.


Imam's Words and Citizens' Questions

H.T. Imam has not only embarrassed himself but also the government he is part of. He thus joins that growing queue of people who, having found themselves in political authority, somehow do not know how to use power well, indeed to the ...



Once upon a time, in this country, divorce was a dirty word. Marriage was a one-way road, and one was not even supposed to think of turning around once one had undertaken the journey. Divorce was scandalous, although it unfairly impacted women more than men, with society and families frowning upon the concept.

That is not true anymore. Marriage is no longer about staying together until death does the parting. The institution of marriage has become flimsy as couples come together in union as quickly as they go away in divorce. Today's marriage is mostly about convenience, its underlying commitment missing ...


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Fees Earning on Decline

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Housing Market in a Slump

Housing Market in a Slump

A staggering BDT200 billion is stuck in as many as 25,000 unsold flats across th...


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The Making of a Middle Income Country

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APEC Endorses Free Trade Roadmap

APEC Endorses Free Trade Roadmap

The decision would bring integration to a new and higher level, benefit economie...

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