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Automobile Parts Business Thriving

Automobile Parts Business Thriving

The growing demand for automobile parts and other accessories justifies local production to curtail dependency on imports…

PDB Still Counting Losses

PDB Still Counting Losses

Despite the recent power hike totaling 72 percent in the last seven years, power distribution companies are unlikely to cover…

Huge Deficit in the Cards

Huge Deficit in the Cards

The government is aiming at yet another ambitious budget, pursuing a policy of public appeasement | Syed…

Orissa CM Does Not Speak Odia

Orissa CM Does Not Speak Odia

People just love Naveen Patnaik because there have been eloquent Odia speakers in power, but they know he is a…

Admission of Surrender

Admission of Surrender

Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson writes in his book that after hurting a lot of people, he has finally decided…

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Spoken at Home
Ershad is a Traitor and a Hypocrite

While assailing Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad for his role in current politics, BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia called him

a traitor and a hypocrite. She said that people do not have faith in him and foreigners also do not trust him. She also said that the government has made him a special emissary but she was not sure how he was going to perform in his new role. Khaleda Zia said Ershad has done massive corruption and he is yet to be tried for his misdeeds. She said people are not going to forget it and one day everyone will have to face trial for all the killings and abductions that are taking place in the country.

Tofail Involved in Bangabandhu Killing

BNP vice chairman Sadeque Hossain Khoka accused Awami League leader Tofail Ahmed of being involved in the killing

of Bangabandhu and his family. He said that despite being the coordinator of Rakkhi Bahini he did not protest the killing. Khoka said even Tofail Ahmed was nowhere to be found, which is why 'naughty people' say that he was also involved in the killing. In his address at the Engineers' Institute in the capital, the BNP leader commented that while he did not mind if Tofail Ahmed sucked up to the prime minister, he should refrain from making senseless remarks about Ziaur Rahman, Khaleda Zia, and Tarique Rahman.

Tarique has Lost His Mind

Minister of Liberation War Affairs AKM Mozammel Haque has said that BNP senior vice chairperson Tarique Zia has lost

his mind because he questioned the legitimacy of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's first term as prime minister and the current prime ministership of Sheikh Hasina. The minister was speaking at Dhaka Reporters Unity when he said "this lad Tarique has challenged the legitimacy of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's term as prime minister of the country." Haque said that Ziaur Rahman was only a sector commander, not even the army chief during the liberation war.

A Baffled Opposition

Jatiya Party presidium member Kazi Firoze Rashid feels embarrassed to show his face as a member of the opposition

party due to a recent decision of the government. Rashid was speaking in the parliament while rising on a point of order. He resented that none of the Jatiya Party MPs were included in the recently formed ministerial committees and called it very unfortunate. The JP leader also mentioned that a large number of his party workers have been hurt by this decision.

Awami Jatiya Party

Kazi Zafar Ahmed, leader of a splinter group of Jatiya Party, retorted that Jatiya Party under Ershad's leadership has turned

into Awami Jatiya Party. He said it was because of Ershad's lack of farsightedness and political somersaults that he has become branded as a national traitor. Ahmed further claimed that Ershad said people would spit at him in the face if he went to the polls but quickly changed his mind to say that if needed he alone was going to participate in the elections.

Zia is the First Mokaber

Information minister Hasanul Haq Inu has emphatically said that no matter how hard Begum Khaleda Zia and Tarique Zia try,

Ziaur Rahman was not the first president of the country but he was the first Mokaber (prayer recitation leader). The minister further said that Zia had done no more than perform the role of a Mokaber when he gave his speech on March 27 from Kalurghat radio station after independence was already declared on March 26. He argued that there can be only one Imam and the rest can be Mokabers only.

Absence of Courage

According to BNP standing committee member barrister Rafiqul Islam Miah, his party is paying the price for its failure to

show courage in resisting the election under the partisan government. He said that had the leaders and workers of the party shown enough courage then the election could not be held on January 5. He cautioned that the government is now filing lawsuits against Khaleda Zia to silence her voice and keep BNP from building a political movement against it. He added that there is no voice but that of Khaleda Zia which can speak of Bangladesh's independence and sovereignty.

An Earthquake is Imminent

BNP vice chairman Abdullah Al Noman does not believe that the present government cares so much for the people

as it is afraid of them. In his view, this government cannot last for too long because resentment amongst the people is growing everyday. Noman was addressing a human chain in front of National Press Club in Dhaka when he also warned that an earthquake was imminent in the country.

Bangabandhu as Prime Minister of Pakistan

President of Liberal Democratic Party, Oli Ahmed, does not deny the contribution of Bangbandhu in the liberation war of

Bangladesh, but he (Bangabandhu) did not want to become the prime minister of Bangladesh but that of Pakistan. He was speaking at the seventh founding anniversary of his party and he said Bangabndhu could not declare independence of the country because he was under arrest and that is why Zia had to make that announcement in 1971. Ahmed informed that he was sitting next to Zia when the announcement was being made and that the liberation war was participated in by common people and members of various forces, not by Awami League leaders and workers.

Khaleda Zia Breaks, Not Bends

BNP leader Joynal Abedin Faruk has said that Khaleda Zia will break but not bend. He said he did not believe Khaleda Zia

had failed to build up a political movement against the government and those who thought otherwise knew nothing about Khaleda Zia. He criticized information minister Hasanul Haq Inu for calling Ziaur Rahman Mir Zafar Number Four and asked how the minister dared to say something like that. Faruk was addressing a meeting of homeopathic doctors at the National Press Club lounge.

High-dose Antibiotics for the Government

BNP standing committee member Goyeshar Chandra Roy has said that high-dose antibiotics will be needed to

oust this government from power. He was speaking as a chief guest at a human chain organized by Krishak Dal when he also said that this government came to power without the mandate of the people and is now persecuting the people so that it can stay in power. He insisted that it will not be possible for the government to last in power for a very long time. He added that those who are in prison right now are in a smaller prison compared to the rest of the people who are confined in a larger prison.

Sheikh Mujib was Illegitimate PM in 1972

Senior vice chairman of BNP, Tarique Rahman, claimed from London that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the illegitimate prime

minister of the country in 1972. Rahman also said that Mujib's daughter Sheikh Hasina has been doing the same thing now by becoming the illegitimate prime minister of the country. The BNP leader made his observation while exchanging views with leading Bangladeshis in the UK. He also said that both Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Dr. Kamal Hossain returned from Pakistan on January 10, 1972 using Pakistani passports.


Baishakh as it used to be

It is Baishakh again.

And Baishakh is a reminder of the good days that have flown. It is a recapitulation of the clouds that have passed into time. It speaks to you of the warmth you experienced in the embrace of your mother. It tells you of the thrill there used to be as you accompanied your beautiful aunt on her evening stroll through the woods where those monstrosities of urban buildings stand today. Every Baishakh used to be a season of festivities, a time when you celebrated life. For many of us, Baishakh comes in all the splendor ...



In four days’ time on April 24, we are going to have the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy when one year ago in Savar a nine-storied building collapsed killing 1,134 and maiming thousands. That day remains etched in our memory as a milestone in our collective grieving, perhaps a rude awakening for us that unbridled greed is bound to bring disaster. In a way, it was a warning shot for all of us at home and abroad. Until then much of the silent tragedy unfolding in the country’s highest foreign exchange earning sector had failed to draw wide attention.

Rana Plaza proved to be a killing field for innocent men and women who had no clue that they were working in a building ...


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