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Robin Williams Found Dead

Robin Williams Found Dead

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Postal Services In Decline

Postal Services In Decline

Unprofessional attitude, delays and lost and missed deliveries have turned a once essential service into a losing concern…

Run Feared on BASIC Bank

Run Feared on BASIC Bank

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Interview With Dr Toufiq  Seraj

Interview With Dr Toufiq Seraj

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Spoken at Home
The Country has Turned into a Hell

Liberal Democratic Party chairman Oli Ahmed claimed that the government through its illegitimate activities

has turned this country into a hell. Ahmed said life and property are not safe anywhere in Bangladesh and everywhere one can find extortion, showdown of guns, oppression and persecution. He said what is happening in the country is autocracy in the name of democracy. He also said that people want peace and development in the country and they want rule of law and justice. Ahmed further added that people want democracy to get established and this oppressive government to go.

Those Who Speak of Toppling the Government

Disaster management and relief minister Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya insisted that the January 5 election

was held in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and, hence, the next election will be held in 2019 as per the same provisions. He emphasized that there was no scope for any election before that time. The minister also said that those who confuse people by talking about election and toppling the government are mentally unstable and mad. Maya was speaking at a meeting held in the central party office of Awami League on Bangabandhu Avenue.

Khaleda Zia is to Blame

Health minister Mohammad Nasim has blamed BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia for ruining her party. Nasim said

it at a discussion meeting on the occasion of the 84th birthday of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's wife Sheikh Fazilatunnesa. The minister said it is difficult to hold together a party if it does not participate in elections and Khaleda Zia has thrown her party into a crisis by failing to participate in the last election. He said for that blunder, Khaleda has only herself to blame and not her party leaders.

There is No Rule of Law

The chairman of Bangladesh Human Rights Commission, Dr Mizanur Rahman, has resented that the root of all problems in

Bangladesh is the absence of the rule of law. He said if people had learned to have respect for law then Bangladesh could have turned into a developed nation. He said that when workers work for three months, they get paid for two months only but if they protest then they get severely beaten and thrown out of the factory. Dr Rahman complained that even after that the police commissioner insisted that there was no excess in the manner they handled the matter.

Everybody Else is Temporary

Publicity and Publication secretary of Awami League, Dr Hasan Mahmud, has observed that all members of the BNP

standing committee are temporary with the exception of Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman. Mahmud also quipped that those members were supposed to sit together on the 10th of this month and should they declare any undemocratic program after that meeting, the government and liberation war fighters would resist them on the streets. While addressing a meeting at Segunbagicha in the capital, he also said that as a politician he was ashamed of Khaleda Zia's birthday celebration because he could not understand how one person could have four birthdays in a year.

Movement through Outsourcing

Food minister Qamrul Islam has warned BNP leaders that they should be careful if they are thinking of organizing a political

movement through video messages and outsourcing like last time. He also warned them that they would be duly dealt with if they try to do the same because nobody would be allowed to organize a political movement through video messaging, outsourcing and bomb attacks. The minister criticized Khaleda Zia for celebrating her birthday on August 15 and stated that this birthday was invented in 1996 only.

Awami League is a Role Model

Joint secretary general of BNP, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, termed Awami League as a role model for killing through abduction

, murder and extrajudicial execution. He accused the government of carrying out these executions through its various law enforcement agencies and armed cadres. Rizvi made the remarks at a press briefing at the BNP central office in Nayapaltan when he further said that scores of people are dying every day in road, rail and waterways accidents but the government ministers are far from being held accountable for these mishaps. Instead, he added, these ministers first make provocative, irresponsible, uncivilized and tasteless comments if anyone complains about their failures, and if that does not work then they carry out physical attacks on those who complained.

Journalists are Khobish, Characterless and Profligate

Social welfare minister Syed Mohsin Ali has termed journalists as Khobish, characterless and profligate. He was

speaking at a function in Sylhet when he said that policies are being framed to put the journalists on a tight leash and if he were present at the cabinet meeting on that day he would have made sure that a bamboo was shoved up the journalists'… (expletive). He also said that the journalists would be disciplined in such a manner that they would not be able to sleep in peace next to their wives.

Worshipping a Living Goddess

President of Swadhin Bangla Kendriyo Sangram Parishad, Nur-e-Alam Siddiqui, has called the national parliament nothing

but a place for worshipping a living goddess. He said there has been tremendous erosion in today's constitution, parliament and judicial system. He added that there is nothing for discussion in the parliament because there is only one person who can call anybody "a son of a slave" and rest of the parliament will echo the word "slave." Siddiqui said there is not one soul in the parliament who can ask who is that slave. He cautioned that if the power to impeach judges is given to the parliament, the country would fall into the grip of despotism.

Ivy is Trying to Protect Someone

The ruling party lawmaker in Narayangaj, Shameem Osman, accused the mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation of

trying to protect someone from his involvement in the seven murders. He made his statement before the journalists after his appearance before the probe committee at Bangladesh Secretariat. He asked that if Nur Hossain was his man then why did Selina Hayat Ivy put him in key positions in Narayanganj. He said that Nur Hossain should be brought back to the country and that if it were in his hand he would have done it right away.

Godfathers are Involved in Seven Murders

The mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation, Selina Hayat Ivy, told journalists that godfathers are

involved in the much-talked-about seven murders in Narayanganj. She made her comments after appearing before a probe committee at Bangladesh Secretariat. Ivy also claimed that there was negligence on the parts of Rab, police and district administration. When asked who those godfathers were, she replied that it was known not only to the people of Narayanganj but also to the people of the whole country.

Corruption is Killing People

Transparency International Bangladesh's executive director, Iftekharuzzaman, said that corruption

plagued Rana Plaza starting from acquiring its land to its construction. He said the BGMEA building was also built through corruption. Iftekharuzzman added that both the buildings have the same history before he concluded that corruption is killing people in Bangladesh. He also said that amnesty for black money has further encouraged corruption in the country.


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In short, this is the backdrop of the recent confrontation between Israel and Hamas, which further intensified when Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on July 8. So far Israel has pounded Gaza with nearly 5,000 airstrikes and Hamas and its allies have fired more than 3,500 rockets at Israel. Nearly 2,000 people have been killed in Gaza ...


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