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The Khona’s Sisters

The Khona’s Sisters

Legendary Bengali woman Khona had produced nearly 150,000 maxims on agriculture and centuries later rising number of women workers in…

Hiding Women’s Face

Hiding Women’s Face

An edict on covering face has stirred resentment amongst Saudi women because it would require men as evidence of making…

Turmoil Taking Its Toll

Turmoil Taking Its Toll

The ongoing strike and blockade are hurting the economy as every sector is incurring significant amount of losses due to…

Singapore Mutiny and Rise of Azad Hind

Singapore Mutiny and Rise of Azad Hind

Precursor to Azad Hind movement started by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the Singapore Mutiny was started by a man called…

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Spoken at Home
No Use of Looking North

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina reminded BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia that it was no longer possible to bring an

unconstitutional force to power through blockades and hartals. The prime minister said, "She (Khaleda) has been looking north and she does not believe in democracy. She is under the illusion that someone from that neighborhood is going to help her return to power." Hasina further mentioned that the constitution has been amended to introduce capital punishment for those who will come to power that way and everybody has seen what happened to Zia, Ershad, Moinuddin and Fakhruddin. She then added that she did not believe anyone was ever going to take a step in that direction again.

Steps against the Civil Society

While criticizing the civil society members, Awami League presidium member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim asked what kind

of civil society they formed. He accused the Nagorik Committee of hiding the miscreants and talking about dialogue. Selim asked who has made them the civil society and said that these people have declared themselves as civil society members. He wondered how many of them must have participated in the liberation war and cautioned that anyone who will provoke terrorist activities would have to be dealt with a firm hand. Sheikh Selim made his remarks while taking part in the discussion on the president's speech in the fifth session of the tenth parliament.

Political Influenza is Temporary

Agriculture minister Matiya Chowdhury mentioned that the anarchists in the country wanted to achieve their goals by

setting fire to a poultry van. She called the anarchists "the plague of the civilization" and compared them to Avian Influenza in the poultry sector. The minister, however, emphasized that this political influenza was not going to last long. Chowdhury also said that people are going to resist those who kill people with petrol bombs. She gave her remarks at the Ninth International Poultry Seminar and Exhibition held at the Bangabandhu International Convention Center.

Khaleda is 'National Disgrace'

Prime minister's son Sajib Wazed Joy has termed BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia as a "national disgrace" because she

encouraged her people to torch vehicles and burn people with petrol bombs during blockades and hartals and then did not go to the Shahid Minar on the Language Day to show her respect for the language martyrs. He posted in his facebook, "I am still surprised to think about those who support her and her party. How could you support someone who does not show her respect for the language martyrs and the liberation war?" He also questioned, how anybody could support someone who forges an alliance with Jamaat and the war criminals?

Pouring Petrol on Khaleda

Social welfare minister Syed Mohsin Ali believes that the time has come to pour petrol on Khaleda Zia and set her on fire.

He was speaking at the training center for the orphans and the disabled in Moulavi Bazar when he said that Khaleda Zia and her 20-party alliance have committed themselves to dislodge prime minister Sheikh Hasina from power. The minister added that the stench of burning people would not be tolerated anymore and people should unite to face Khaleda Zia and her allies. He also asked people to contact the administration as soon as they have any information about the bomb throwers and warned that anyone sheltering the bomb throwers would also be punished.

How Many Seven Days before the Country is Normal?

Jatiya Party chairman Hussain Muhammad Ershad has asked the government how many seven days would it take before

the country is normal. He said the government wanted seven days' time to suppress the subversive movement of the 20-party alliance and restore peace but that could not be done eventhough many more days have elapsed. He was addressing an International Language Day rally of his party at the Institute of Diploma Engineers in the capital when he resented that the people are asking for guarantee to have natural death 43 years after independence and then asked if the country is becoming a failed state.

Chess Players on the Cabinet

Convener of Nagorik Oikkyo, Mahmudur Rahman Manna, denied that the civil society members who took the initiative for

a dialogue are the actors of 1/11. He said the real actors of 1/11 are now playing chess on the cabinet of the Awami League government. Manna said it during a roundtable discussion held at the National Press Club. He also took a dig at the prime minister when he asked her not to shed false tears while visiting the Burn Unit and quipped that he did not go into the debate over glycerin-induced and real tears. He then warned that if the government did not respond to the call for a dialogue, then a time will come when it would not even be able to talk.

The Hereditary Disease of an Unbridled Tongue

BNP's joint secretary general Salahuddin Ahmed sent a written statement to the media in which he responded to recent

comments made by prime minister's son Sajib Wazed Joy. Ahmed wrote that he would first like to advise Joy to include his name in the voters' list of the country before making audacious comments about Khaleda Zia, which is an outcome of a hereditary disease of unbridled tongue that afflicts him. The BNP leader also categorized Joy as an immature politician. He said that BNP is certain that the fall of this government is now only a matter of time. He also added that those who are getting killed by government forces will be honored as "national heroes" and "freedom fighters of this generation".

Manna to be Manhandled

Chhatra League general secretary, Siddique Nazmul Alam, has announced that the convener of Nagorik Oikkyo,

Mahmudur Rahman Manna, would be manhandled wherever found. At the same time, Chhatra League has also declared Manna a persona non-grata in all the academic institutions in the country. Alam also called Mahmudur Rahman Manna a "black ship" of Dhaka University and demanded that the university authorities should revoke the certificate given to Manna. He also said that a "black ship" by no means could be a former vice president of DUCSU.

Everybody but Inu Wants Dialogue

Krishak Shramik Janata League president Kader Siddiky has said that the government has become alienated

from the people. He said it is not possible to restore peace through anarchy and violence and the only way to do it is to have a dialogue. He also settled that he would continue with his sit-in in front to his party's Motijheel office until the dialogue was going to be held. He told reporters that everybody but minister Inu from deformed Jasod wants to have a dialogue. He then urged the prime minister to sit for a dialogue because there was no alternative to it if peace is to be established in the country.


On Ekushey 1952, Pakistan Attacked Bangladesh!

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Political movement has acquired a new dimension for last couple of years when common people are taking the brunt of ensuing violence. In political confrontations of the past, the government personnel and property were targeted while innocent bystanders occasionally became casualties of stray bullets or bombs. But the nature of current political resistance in the country has turned that game on its head. People are getting crushed between warring political factions like chilies between mortar and pestle.
The most despicable outcome of this new political horror is men, women and children, who have come under petrol bomb ...


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The Khona’s Sisters

The Khona’s Sisters

Legendary Bengali woman Khona had produced nearly 150,000 maxims on agriculture ...

Credentials for Cash

Credentials for Cash

Seals, signatures and ID cards are readily available for as low as 100 taka and ...


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Turmoil Taking Its Toll

Turmoil Taking Its Toll

The ongoing strike and blockade are hurting the economy as every sector is incur...

Monetary Policy Stays Put

Monetary Policy Stays Put

Bangladesh Bank pursuing a monetary policy of prudence to strike the balance bet...



A Lethal Game

A Lethal Game

A male nurse apologized for killing more than 30 patients in his search for thri...

Hiding Women’s Face

Hiding Women’s Face

An edict on covering face has stirred resentment amongst Saudi women because it ...

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